2017 Chardonnay – Tasting Notes and Pairings

Chardonnay is one of the most well-known grapes used to make white wine. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be gently aged. This means it is a flexible wine when it comes to food pairings, making Sweet Oaks 2017 Chardonnay the perfect bottle to have on hand. Especially if you’re one to throw last-minute gatherings with friends and family. 


Sweet Oaks Chardonnay is produced in the Temecula Valley, where the sun shines warms and the cool ocean breeze dances across the valley. This is what helps these stunning grapes maintain the perfect balance, yielding unique characteristics in the wines they produce. 

If you’re ready to awaken your senses, this is a wine you must try. Here’s what you can expect, plus pairing ideas that are sure to impress!

Tasting Notes

You know what they say, we taste with our eyes first, which is why the rich color of wine adds to your experience.

Strawlike in color, showcasing notes of gold, the Sweet Oaks 2017 Chardonnay is a deep, traditional wine you will always want to have available to you and your guests. The color of your wine often indicates a certain level of maturity, allowing more prominent, complex flavors to develop. The vibrancy of the fruit remains, resulting in aromas that are bright and fresh, packed with hints of citrus zest and apple.

On the palate, expect a distinct, delicious brioche character, followed by bold citrus notes and some tree fruit flavors, like apple and pear. Although this Chardonnay is easy-drinking, it is also full-bodied, which adds depth. It also yields a moderate acidity level that is well-balanced, ending with a short and clean finish. This is what makes it the perfect wine for pairing

Since Chardonnay pairings are so versatile, this grape is known around the globe. However, the flavors of the Chardonnay you source will vary depending on where it’s grown. The climate matters, and in the Temecula Valley, Mother Nature has given us the perfect recipe for gorgeous grapes. 

Whether you’re a fan of seafood or pasta, a chilled glass (or three) of Sweet Oaks 2017 Chardonnay will take your food and wine pairings to the next level. 

The Perfect Pairings for Sweet Oaks 2017 Chardonnay

Love to cook, experiment with different flavors, host dinner parties or all of the above? Then learning about different wine and food pairings will help you take your knowledge and experience to the next level. After all, life’s too short to deprive yourself of good food and drink. 

There are certain go-to pairings when it comes to Chardonnay. Salmon and creamy pasta dishes are just two examples. However, when you dive deeper into the flavor profile of Sweet Oaks 2017 Chardonnay, doors begin to open and the pairing combinations become nearly endless. 

Let’s dive in!

First Course and Cheese Pairings 

Whether you’re hosting a tapas night, a cheese and wine celebration or a full three-course meal, you can’t go wrong with Chardonnay. 

For starters, Chardonnay pairs beautifully with seafood, which means the sky is the limit for appetizers or first-course dishes. From broiled garlic clams to grilled shrimp skewers, crab cakes to seared scallops, go wild for seafood-loving guests. This hot artichoke crab dip will surely be a winner.

Other must-try options?

For cheese, Chardonnay pairs well with so many options. Sweet Oaks 2017 Chardonnay is full-bodied, meaning it can stand up to the rich and creamy profile of blue cheese or goat cheese. However, it also pairs well with some firmer cheeses, like Gruyère, because of the wine’s ripe fruit flavors. For additional charcuterie pairings, serve black truffle salami, country pâté and a full-flavored, dry-cured ham. 

Main Course

Chardonnay tends to pair best with foods that are light and slightly rich. Like seafood or white meat in a buttery or creamy sauce. Hello, one skillet chicken with lemon garlic cream sauce! Chardonnay also tastes great with nutty flavors. That is why this grilled halibut with herb pistou and walnut butter is a home run!

For pasta, take your pick. From creamy baked lobster mac and cheese to creamy chicken Alfredo, you can’t go wrong. Stick with creamy or cheese-based pasta dishes, seafood pasta dishes or a fresh vegetable primavera


Chardonnay is one wine that will bring you to the end of your meal, dessert included!

Sweet Oaks 2017 Chardonnay offers notes of citrus, apple and pear, so leverage these flavors to serve up a winning dessert. Does it get any better than caramel apple crème brûlée? Lemon cheesecake bars or this easy peach cobbler are other great options. Have fun with it!

Explore all that Sweet Oaks has to offer to discover your next favorite wine!

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