5 Benefits of Joining a Wine Club

Are you unsure about whether a wine club would suit you and your lifestyle? There are many great reasons why a wine club might be the right choice for you on the next stage of your wine adventure. Read on to find out more and to discover the range of options offered by Sweet Oaks for you to try.

1. Try Something Different

A wine club is a regular subscription where a certain number of bottles are sent out to you every month. That means that the experts will choose the wines you receive, so you might get to enjoy something that perhaps is new to you or discover something delicious that you would not ordinarily have tried. We are all guilty of getting a bit stuck in a flavor rut sometimes, just grabbing the old familiar bottles off the shelf in the store. A wine club can be a great way of broadening your horizons.

You might also like to find a wine club that offers you tasting sessions as part of your membership. This might include how to pair wine and cheese so that you can enjoy your wine in a new way, with delicious new flavors.

2. Enjoy Exclusive Member Discounts

The great advantage of joining a wine club is that together the members have fantastic purchasing power. This can open up all kinds of discounts that wouldn’t be available to regular members of the public and sometimes give priority access to new products and exclusive promotions. If you like to be the first to hear about new products, then wine club membership is definitely for you.

3. Save on Time

As well as saving you money each month, wine club membership takes the hassle out of wine buying. All the difficult decisions are made for you, and your wine club will never forget to put in an order! Your wine order will be automated each month, giving you one less thing to think about while making sure that you always have a delicious bottle on hand for when friends drop over unexpectedly, or you prepare a special meal. Getting your wine delivered right to your door is also the ultimate convenience. You won’t know how you managed without it!

4. Wine Clubs Are Flexible To Meet Your Needs

How many bottles would you typically make use of each month? Is there a specific type of wine that you love and others that you tend to avoid? Wine club memberships are much more flexible these days to make sure that they fit the needs of your lifestyle and not the other way around! Plus, you don’t have to be a wine expert to enjoy club membership; joining a wine club is a brilliant way of finding out more about the world of wine.

5. Get To Know Your Winery

The best part of being in a club, any kind of club, is getting to know more like-minded people. A wine club is no different! You will find that you can take different perks, like complimentary wine tastings, so you get to know more about the wines you are drinking and the people making it when it suits you best. You can also often bring guests along to special events and wine tastings, letting you share your passions with friends and family.

What Does the Sweet Oaks Wine Club Offer?

Here at Sweet Oaks, we are pleased to offer a range of wine club options to suit every household. Each comes with a set of wines carefully selected by our in-house experts each month. Try our three-bottle Oak Club, which brings an attractive 10 percent discount on the sticker price of the wines along with up to two wine and cheese pairings for you and a friend each month with our compliments.

If you are looking for a slightly higher quantity of bottles every month, then the Vintner’s Club may be for you. This offers six bottles each month with a 15 percent discount, along with the opportunity for you to bring up to three guests to the winery for two tastings each month. This is a fantastic way to learn more about our wines and be a real part of the Sweet Oaks community.

Finally, our Case Club comes with an entire case of 12 wines – and you choose how many red or white bottles you would like within your selection. Case Club members can come along with up to five guests for two wine tastings every month, and this membership tier attracts an enviable 20 percent discount on sticker prices, so the saving does make a huge difference.

We can’t wait to welcome you along as the newest member of the Sweet Oaks family. We know that you will love the fantastic selection of wines we produce and enjoy the privileged access behind the scenes at our winery and vineyards. Look around our blog for more information on the varietals we grow and helpful advice about the best ways to store and serve wine. Join the Sweet Oaks wine club by registering online.

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