6 Tips for Choosing a Wine to Gift 

Wine is an excellent gift of choice!

The variety of flavors gives you many options, but picking the right bottle requires doing your homework. How well do you know this person, and is wine already their thing? If not, what wines are a good choice for beginners? With these six tips, you’ll have enough guidance to hunt for a product to gift.

1. Exotic Wines for Connoisseurs

“Wine body” is the number one ranking characteristic in common styles like red, white, and Chardonnay. The heaviness and richness of the wine make up the body. If you opt for exotic wines, the body profile immediately catches taste buds off guard. Your chance of choosing a product that stands out is higher with this strategy.

While exotic wines are a good choice, not all rarer styles are worth your consideration. Focus on picking wines that use different grapes. For example, if you know the person likes red wine, try a Syrah or Shiraz bottle, which is darker than Cabernet Sauvignon.

2. Filter by Acidity and Bitterness

Everyone has a tolerance level for the acidity and bitterness of an alcoholic beverage. These two components are what you should use when evaluating brands. Stick within the range of comfort for the person receiving the wine. Anything too extreme in acidic or bitter taste will immediately violate the taste buds.

Keep in mind that it is not just the acid levels that decide the intensity of the taste. For example, highly acidic wine with a light body is very different from the same wine with a heavy body. Some people do like acidic drinks but only respond well when the body is light. White wines are generally more acidic, while red wine is more bitter. 

3. Choose Smooth Wine for Beginners

Remember your first time tasting wine or beer? The flavor grows on you after a while. Beginners do better with smoother wine styles. Stick with only giving intense body flavors to experienced wine drinkers. 

Some popular smooth wines include:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Gris
  • Pinot Noir

Sparkling wine might sound like a good option and, for many, it is yummy. But, it is still an acquired taste and can be harsh for some beginners. Make sure the person you’re buying for is okay with a lot of sweetness. The taste of sparkling wine is akin to overly sweetened grape juice.

4. Compare with Beer Preferences

Beer lovers can find a wine to be savory-sweet and as delicious as a cold brew. The typical heavy body red or white wine will not do the trick; you need to choose a taste that is like the notes found in the person’s favorite beer.

People that prefer lighter beers might bode well with a bottle of bubbly, sparkling wine. If pale ale is your preference, Pinot Noir or a similar well-balanced red wine should do the trick. A fruity, buttery product like Sweet Oaks 2018 Chardonnay serves as a perfect treat for wheat ale lovers. 

(See this post for more beer and wine taste comparisons.)

5. Try the Best and Newest Wines

Forget about individual products and look at wines that are new in the market. Focus on the wine styles that are seeing sales growth. Products like Pinotage (South Africa), Bonarda (Argentina), and Teroldego (Italy) are all great choices of red wines made with unique, flavorful grapes. You can look at top trending products by location as well.

See what the bestsellers are and filter through the options to find a perfect bottle to give. Chardonnay is a favorite for newcomers and ranks as the top-selling wine style. Other bestsellers include Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Syrah, and Zinfandel. 

6. Match Wine to Food

Are you giving this bottle of wine to enjoy with food? Even if not, many people prefer to enjoy wine alongside a specific snack or meal. Red wine goes great with red meat such as steak, while white wine is best with gentler meats like chicken and fish.

The wine you choose should be sweeter and more acidic than the food you’re eating, and bitter flavors pair best with fat-rich foods like pork chops or lamb. Realistically, if the meal contains a sauce, you will find better results matching the wine taste to that flavor.

Red wine is pretty forgiving because of its congruent pairing nature. This drink will enhance any creamy flavor in the food. White wine is more challenging to pair because it contrasts with the taste of the food. This drink must have many of the right notes and the exact intensity to be a home run. Sparkling and Rosé wines are two other popular drinks that contrast with food. In most cases, congruent pairings are easier to pull off.

Order the Perfect Gift Today 

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