Food to Pair with the Sweet Oaks 2018 Pinot Noir: Part Two

There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long day with a glass of wine in hand. But what kind of wine will it be tonight? If you’re thinking Pinot Noir, you’re not alone! This is considered one of the most popular options for wine drinkers across the world. With a tendency to be light-bodied and fruity with a velvety finish, Pinot Noir was originally made from black grapes grown in the Burgundy region of France.

And while these grapes are considered difficult to grow—demanding a cool climate with just the right temperature—it is possible to grow them in more locations than just France. It seems Southern California is among the best places to grow the grapes for this wine, as you’ll find when you taste our very own Never a Dull Moment Pinot Noir. If you’re ready to open a bottle and want some ideas on the finest flavors of food to pair with it, keep reading for our suggestions!

Sweet Oaks Never A Dull Moment Pinot Noir

First, you should get to know a little about the wine you’re going to drink before you start pairing snacks and meals with it. This can guide you on what kind of flavors will complement your drink. To start, the Sweet Oaks Never A Dull Moment Pinot Noir has a rich, ruby red hue that you’ll notice as you pour your first glass.

Within seconds, you’ll also start to notice the aroma of this Pinot Noir. On the nose, you should be able to detect ripe raspberries and cloves, which are mingled with a hint of sweet, new French oak and sagebrush. There’s also an intriguing note of crushed spices and pomegranate that will excite the senses before you take your first sip.

Finally, it’s time to taste this delicious drink. On the palate, red raspberry and cherry fruits dominate this Pinot Noir. But you’ll note that crisp pomegranate and cranberry are present, too, as well as more of that spicy clove character. This wine finishes dry and fresh, and it will taste even better after a few years in a cool wine cellar. But if you’re eager to try it tonight, take a look at what foods you can set out to go with it.

What to Pair with Pinot Noir

This type of wine pairs well with lots of foods, ranging from certain cheeses, fruits and nuts to seafood, poultry and beef. Read on to get some ideas on what to feed yourself and your guests as you enjoy a glass of Never a Dull Moment Pinot Noir.

Charcuterie Board

Admittedly, most wines pair perfectly with a delicious charcuterie board, but what are the best items to put on your board when you’re drinking Never a Dull Moment Pinot Noir specifically? Let’s start with the cheese. This type of wine pairs best with nutty or washed-rind cheeses, such as Gruyere or Taleggio, as they tend to match the earthy flavors found in Pinot Noir. Aged Gouda is another good option to enjoy with this wine. If you want a softer cheese, go with Camembert or Brie.

Other items for your charcuterie board that pair well with the earthiness of this wine include the following:

  • Blackberries
  • Roasted almonds
  • Cured black olives
  • Dark cherries
  • Dark plums
  • Salumi
  • Figs
  • Pâté
  • Herbed crackers

Mushroom-Based Dishes

If you’re planning to make lunch or dinner before sitting down with a glass of Never a Dull Moment Pinot Noir, make sure your meal includes mushrooms. After all, both mushrooms and Pinot Noir share an earthy flavor that’s reminiscent of the forest. Try this mushroom risotto recipe to get started and if you just want a tasty appetizer to go with your wine, consider making these mushrooms stuffed with bacon, cream cheese and bread crumbs.


You might have heard that white wine is the best beverage to pair with seafood, but that’s a myth that’s been dispelled, as there are plenty of seafood options that complement red wine! In particular, grilled swordfish, tuna, salmon and trout go well with Pinot Noir, as the fruitiness of the wine can make any fishy flavor smoother and more subtle. This easy grilled salmon recipe should get you started when it comes to making a dinner that pairs with red wine.

Poultry and Game

Pinot Noir also pairs well with poultry, such as chicken, turkey and duck. Game—such as quail and rabbit—are also recommended alongside your Pinot Noir. Using cream-based sauces for the meat is ideal, as they’ll balance out the acidity of the wine while complementing its fruity flavor. One of the top recipes to pair with Pinot Noir is Peking duck with scallions and honey.

Lean Beef

You can pair Pinot Noir with beef but look for the leanest options available. Too much fat or strong flavoring can overwhelm and drown out the flavor of the Pinot Noir. Some of the best beef options to pair with this wine include beef stew, beef wellington and filet mignon.

Now that you know what foods to bring out with your wine, you should be feeling ready to enjoy your evening with some delicious fare and flavorful Pinot Noir. But first, make sure you’ve stocked up on Never a Dull Moment Pinot Noir. Then check out our other wine options to try and get more tips on Pinot Noir pairings by reading our blog!

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