Foods to Pair with Sweet Oaks 2020 Pinot Grigio

Whether you’re an avid wine drinker or someone who loves to host dinner parties, you’re probably familiar with Pinot Grigio. 

Although Chardonnay is the most popular white wine variety in the United States, Pinot Grigio is also incredibly popular. 

Pinot Grigio is a rather zesty white grape varietal, producing crisp wines that offer a refreshing hit of acidity. Being a light-bodied wine, Pinot Grigio pairs best with specific ingredients and dishes. However, the versatility of these pairings is vast, which is why you should always have a bottle of delicious Pinot Grigio on hand — and Sweet Oaks has the perfect one. 

Sweet Oaks 2020 Pinot Grigio – Tasting Notes

Pinot Grigio has its roots in Europe. However, it is now grown in the United States. 

Sweet Oaks 2020 Pinot Grigio is produced in the Temecula Valley. Grown by partners Heather and Jason Altepeter, this wine offers a true taste of the valley. Aromatic and highly refreshing, this light-bodied Pinot Grigio offers complexity. Each delicate layer yields a new flavor, with the main characters being ripe stone fruits, dried peach, and apricot. 

When you first pour a glass, you’ll be hit with a fruit-forward aroma, followed by vegetal and herbal notes, including hints of pepper. Although there are plenty of flavors to discover in each sip and the acidity of this wine is high, Sweet Oaks 2020 Pinot Grigio is rather delicate. That’s why you need to be rather thoughtful when pairing this exquisite wine with food. You don’t want to overpower any of this wine’s elements. 

The key is to follow a few simple rules, which you can bend once you become more experienced with wine and food pairings.

What to Pair With Pinot Grigio 

As far as wines go, Pinot Grigio is rather neutral and delicate. That is why it pairs best with light, fresh dishes. Pinot Grigio will allow you to get creative with your pairings, whether it be summer salads or light pasta dishes. 

When you’re trying to find the best pairings for a bottle of Pinot Grigio, there are two key things to focus on. Although there are always exceptions, you should generally take advantage of the:

  • High acidity 
  • Fresh fruit flavor 

Think of Pinot Grigio as that extra “oomph” when aiming to elevate flavors. Much like citrus enhances the flavor of many dishes, Pinot Grigio will bring out the flavors of seafood. Stick to light dishes, avoiding anything too meaty, like tuna. Poached salmon, baked cod, crab, shrimp, or freshly caught oysters are excellent choices. You can also indulge in fried calamari, as the acidity of this wine cuts through the grease. 

So, whether you feel like battered cod and homemade chips or mango and snapper ceviche, Pinot Grigio will be a winning choice. 

Chicken is another classic pairing when enjoying a glass or two of Pinot Grigio. This pairing works because of chicken’s texture and fairly soft flavor. The key is to remain mindful of how the chicken is served. For example, a whole chicken marinated with lemon and white wine is a remarkable pairing. Interested in that idea? Try this garlic roast chicken with white wine sauce. The chicken cavity is stuffed with lemons and bay leaves, then gently roasted. 

More of a pasta fan? Stick to light pasta sauces. You can’t go wrong with spaghetti with white wine, clams, and shrimp. For vegetarian pasta dishes, it’s tough to resist this burst cherry tomato pasta or this garlic and white wine pasta with Brussels sprouts

If you’re planning to organize snacks to serve with wine, either before a meal or throughout the evening, Pinot Grigio pairs well with a wide spectrum of salty snacks and fresh seafood. The high acidity of Pinot Grigio is great when eating anything from salty popcorn to chicken liver pâté topped with flaky salt. You can also serve mild-flavored cured meats and salty cheeses. For seafood enthusiasts, shrimp cocktails are a classic choice. If you want to go that extra mile, this seafood salad ticks all the boxes. 

Are you thinking of planning a cheese and wine party? Make a cheese plate full of sweet, mild, and soft cheeses. Fresh buffalo mozzarella, Gruyère, and Brie are all wonderful options. Heck, you can even serve up individual cheese pizzas. You’re never too old for a Friday night pizza party with your closet friends. These personal Margherita pizzas will be a hit. 

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When it’s time for dessert, you don’t want to choose anything overly sweet. A sweet chocolate treat will drown out the subtle and delicious flavor of the wine. Pinot Grigio is on the drier side, pairing perfectly with milder or fruit-inspired desserts. Cinnamon baked pears or crepes with whipped lemon mascarpone filling, anyone?

Sweet Oaks 2020 Pinot Grigio is just the beginning. Explore all the wines we have to offer to expand your collection today!

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