Foods to Pair with Sweet Oaks 2020 Viognier

At its heart, the trick to pairing food and wine is either to find something that brings complementary flavors together or a match that contrasts and cuts through. Find wines that balance the weight of the food so that you can taste both. But always remember that we all have different tastes, so a pairing that is perfect for one person might not be enjoyable for the next. Because of this, have fun with pairing wine and food, but don’t take it too seriously. There are no hard and fast rules, and it’s the perfect place for experimentation to find out what you enjoy.

Viognier is such a versatile grape that it can be paired with a wide range of foods. We have already outlined a number of suggestions for matching this delicious varietal wine with a range of lightly spiced dishes, including foods from Indian, Thai, and Greek cuisines. However, that is not the end of the story by any means! Read on for more suggestions about how to maximize your enjoyment of the Sweet Oaks 2020 Viognier.

Tasting Notes for Viognier Single Varietal Wines

Viognier is a premium grape variety that has its origins in the Rhône Valley of France. In the region of Condrieu, Viognier is the only permitted variety of grape that can be used in wines there. It is so popular that it can now be found being grown in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

It is particularly well-loved because its wines give a range of delicious perfumed and floral aromas and flavors. These flavors are often enhanced by aging Viognier wines in oak, which adds a creamy vanilla element and can help the wine to build structure and body. These are easy drinking and flexible wines that are perfect for a beginner experimenting with new types of flavors.

The Sweet Oaks 2020 Viognier has a little mineral character on the nose. On the first sip, it has a slight honey character and lemon and green apple with a little honeysuckle on the finish. The acidity will stand well with light fish and a heavy cream sauce for a total palate cleanse.

Suggested Food Pairings for Sweet Oaks 2020 Viognier

The last time we discussed the Sweet Oaks 2020 Viognier, we looked at pairing the wine with light and creamy cheeses. However, there is a delicious slightly oily sensation on the tongue when drinking this wine that will complement the fatty richness of lamb dishes incredibly well.

Pairing Viognier Wines With Lamb Tagine

Our top tip is to match the Viognier with a Moroccan style of lamb tagine. This wonderful recipe for lamb and apricot tagine is easy to follow and would be a great place to start.

It may seem counterintuitive to pair a white wine with lamb, but this dish has so many flavors which will balance out perfectly with the profile of the wine that the combination will work beautifully. Both the wine and the tagine have a strong backbone of apricot, complemented by a range of evocative North African spices, like cinnamon and coriander seeds.

Pairing Viognier Wines With Fish

The richness and oily note in the wine also makes oily fish a natural fit for pairing with Viognier.

A simple pairing would be to quickly pan-fry a salmon fillet, taking care to crisp up the skin and not overcook the fish to retain a little pinkness and a lot of natural moisture. Serving the fish with the skin will give an element of fat that will suit the wine’s texture extremely well. Consider buying wild salmon, which has a higher protein content and a slightly more concentrated natural flavor, thanks to the work that the animal’s muscles were put to in life.

Another interesting match, for similar reasons, would be sea bass. This can also be pan fried, but it also works really well when cooked in a greaseproof paper parcel along with some orange slices and herbs. Once again, this cooking method will bring out the natural flavor of the fish, as well as adding elements that will bring out complementary notes in the wine. You can keep your dish light, serving it with a lightly dressed salad, or make it more robust when the weather is a little colder by adding steamed or roasted vegetables and potatoes for a dish that is more of a winter warmer. You can find more ideas for how to successfully pair wine with fish by reading our blog.

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