Girl Scout Cookie Pairings: Which Wine Goes Best with Shortbread?

The holiday season may be over, but there’s still a lot to look forward to—because it’s Girl Scout cookie season! Whether you’re already well-stocked with several boxes of cookies, or you’re still trying to figure out which flavors to order, you likely can’t wait to open that first box of tasty treats. But before you get ready to indulge in your favorite flavor of cookie, consider pairing it with a glass of wine. After all, some Girl Scout cookies go really well with certain types of vino.

So, which bottle of wine should you open tonight? Well, if you have the Trefoil cookies—also known as Shortbreads—the answer is mostly white wine. But if you’re more into pairing your desserts with red wine, don’t worry. Some reds work with this cookie, as well. Keep reading to find out which specific types of wine go best with shortbread cookies.


Let’s start with the most commonly recommended wine for Shortbreads: Chardonnay. In fact, it seems just about every cookie-and-wine expert out there consistently praises Chardonnay as the perfect pairing with Trefoils.

This is because shortbread is usually described as rich and buttery—and so are many varieties of Chardonnay! More specifically, Chardonnays from California often fall into the buttery category, and as you’ve likely learned from general tips on pairing wine with food, it’s usually best to pair like with like.

So when you have a rich, buttery cookie for dessert, stick with an equally buttery, delicious Chardonnay. We recommend the Chez Boujie Crème De La Crème 2019 Chardonnay. This golden-hued wine is known for its toasty, buttery aroma and flavor due to its time spent fermenting in both French oak barrels and concrete tanks. It has hints of vanilla, spice, and peaches that perfectly pair with the flavors you’ll find in shortbread cookies.

Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Another great way to enjoy your Trefoils is with a glass of sparkling wine or Champagne. Why does a glass of bubbly taste so good with a shortbread dessert? Well, it’s precisely because of the bubbles, as they can cut straight through the rich, buttery taste of this cookie.

Of course, most bottles of sparkling wine and Champagne also feature hints of fruit and cheese—and these happen to take the shortbread flavor to a whole new level. So next time you’re enjoying a box of Trefoils, don’t forget to pop open some bubbly to try with them!

Pinot Grigio

You can probably see a pattern here, and it’s that white wine is a good drink to have on hand once you sit down with a box of Trefoils tonight! So, why is Pinot Grigio specifically a good white to try with this cookie?

This wine tends to be light and crisp, with notes of fruits like green apples, limes, lemons, and pears. As a neutral, rather delicate wine, it goes well with foods that are equally light and fresh.

In fact, lighter foods seem to take on extra flavor when paired with Pinot Grigio. And since shortbread isn’t super sweet on its own, this slightly sweet wine really elevates the flavor of the dessert. Try it out using Sweet Oaks Pinot Grigio to see for yourself how this wine transforms the flavor of Trefoils!


As you can see, it’s mostly white wines that go well with shortbread. And here’s another one: Riesling. This wine can range from sweet to dry, depending on the bottle you choose. But no matter what, it tends to be light and fruity, which is a good contrast for the buttery, toasty shortbread cookie.

It’s also high in acidity, allowing it to cut right through the butter in the Trefoils, so the taste of the wine doesn’t get drowned out. As such, it’s the perfect wine to try with your box of Girl Scout cookies tonight!


If you’re not a fan of white wine, you might be getting worried that you can’t enjoy your shortbread cookies with wine after dinner. But the good news is that some types of red wine do pair with this cookie! Specifically, Port wine is perfect with it.

If you’re not familiar with Port, it’s a Portuguese sweet red that is often served with dessert—so it makes sense that it pairs well with cookies! In fact, since shortbread is considered more buttery and rich than overly sugary, you might find that Port has a slightly sweeter flavor than the cookie. And that’s the beauty of this pairing, as it’s quite unique.

Much like Riesling, some varieties of Port have high acidity, and those are the best to drink with shortbread. This allows it to cut through the rich, buttery cookie flavor, so you don’t lose the taste of the Port completely while enjoying dessert. 

What Else Can You Pair with Shortbread Cookies?

Wine is a great option when you want something interesting to accompany your cookie. But what if you’re in the mood to add another tasty treat? Well, you can’t go wrong with cheese when you’re indulging in wine and dessert! So, what cheese pairs with shortbread?

One of the best cheeses for shortbread is Havarti. This creamy cheese is mild enough to avoid overriding the subtle flavors of the cookie. And the taste of the Trefoils highlights the slightly sweet flavors in this cheese. It’s a win/win!

In fact, just about any creamy, mild cheese pairs with Trefoils, including triple cream. After all, the buttery flavor and texture of shortbread matches soft, creamy cheeses very well.

So for best results, grab your favorite creamy cheese, a sleeve of Trefoils, and a wine variety that pairs well with this cookie. If you need help finding a good wine, take a look at our bottles for sale, including Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and more!

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