Girl Scout Cookie Pairings: Which Wine Pairs Well with Samoas?

One of the most well-known Girl Scout Cookies on the market is the Samoa. Also called Carmel DeLites, these cookies have an iconic round shape for the shortbread base. This is covered in stripes of chocolate and topped with caramel and toasted coconut. Is your mouth watering yet? If not, try pairing these cookies with a glass of wine for a real treat that you can’t resist. If you’re looking at your wine collection and trying to figure out which bottle to open during dessert, take a look at which types of wine pair best with Samoas.

Tawny Port

What goes better with dessert than, well, a dessert wine? It’s like doubling up on deliciousness after dinner! And when it comes to this particular cookie, a Tawny Port would work best. This is because the flavors in this wine tend to include caramel and chocolate—much like the flavors in Samoa.

Additionally, Tawny Port usually has hints of nuts and dried fruit, including plum and apricot. This kind of complexity of flavor is usually due to being aged in wooden casks. As such, this is a rich, sweet wine that pairs well with the equally sweet, decadent Samoas.


If you want an interesting beverage to pair with Samoas, try some Lambrusco during dessert. If you’ve never had it, Lambrusco is a fruit-forward Italian red wine that’s known for being lightly sparkling. This means it’s not quite as bubbly as Champagne or sparkling wine, but there’s definitely some fizz there to make this wine a refreshing and fun addition to your night!

So, what’s the flavor like, and why does it pair well with Samoas? Lambrusco usually tastes like a mix of red grapes and berries, with some subtle floral notes. It’s considered slightly sweet, so it goes well with the sweet and subtly salty Samoas. If this sounds like a unique combination for dessert, grab a glass of chilled Lambrusco and get ready to enjoy it with the caramel, chocolate, and toasted coconut flavors of this cookie.

Pinot Noir

If you like Pinot Noir, we have some good news for you! This red wine happens to pair really well with any desserts that heavily feature chocolate, thanks to the hints of fruits—like raspberry and cherry—in it. So make sure you have your Samoas ready to enjoy when you pour a glass of Pinot.

In particular, you should try Sweet Oaks Never a Dull Moment 2018 Pinot Noir. It features a nice mix of flavors that include ripe raspberries, cherries, cranberries, pomegranate, and clove. These mingle very well with the chocolate, caramel, and toasted coconut of the Samoa cookie, so it’s definitely worth trying this combination for dessert.

Pinot Grigio

Another delicious Pinot to pair with Samoas is Pinot Grigio. This is known for being rather dry and acidic, creating a nice, unexpected contrast with the sweetness of Samoas. Of course, there are still hints of fruit flavors in this wine, which complements the chocolate that’s generously drizzled on the cookie.

For a light, crisp Pinot to pair with your Samoas, try Sweet Oaks Pinot Grigio. This wine has hints of dried peach, apricot, and stone fruits, with a nice dry finish that will contrast well with the sweet Samoas.


When you want a wine that really brings out the unique flavors of the toasted coconut and caramel, try a smoky Malbec. This full-bodied red wine usually features flavors that include blackberry, plum, black cherry, spices, and a bit of smokiness.

You’ll note that while some red wines are known for pairing well with chocolate, Malbec seems to specialize in other common dessert flavors, like coconut. So if you’re a fan of both Malbec and Samoas, it makes sense to combine the two for a unique treat with a flavor you won’t forget!


You may have noticed that most of the wines on this list are red, and that’s mostly because most reds go well with the chocolate in Samoas. But there are a few exceptions to this, and Sauternes is one of them.

This sweet white wine—now considered a dessert wine—hails from Bordeaux and is known for being equal parts sweet and acidic. Some flavors you’ll find in this wine include honey, apricots, peaches, and marmalade, to name a few. There’s often also some caramel, coconut, and butterscotch, complementing the flavors in Samoas.

Simply put, the flavor of Sauternes is about as complex and tasty as the flavors of Samoas! Both this wine and this cookie are considered sweet indulgences, so pair them together tonight for the perfect dessert before bed.

What Else Should You Enjoy with Samoas?

Pairing wine with cookies is a good idea, but you can also add other treats to your plate. For example, cheese is always a great addition to a glass of wine and dessert. But there are so many varieties of cheese that it can be hard to know where to start.

You can narrow down your options by finding a few cheeses that go well with the flavors in Samoas. Start with a good cheddar, as the flavor of this cheese is perfect for pairing with chocolate. And both Samoas and cheddar happen to go well with Pinot Noir!

Another option is Canela aged cheese, which features hints of cinnamon and paprika. As a result, it tastes great with the caramel and toasted coconut in Samoa cookies. Pair it with a fruity, intense red and you’ll be good to go!

If you need some inspiration on new wine to buy to enjoy with your Samoas, check out our bottles for sale. From Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio to Chardonnay and Syrah, we have a wide selection of wine to choose from! You can also sign up for our wine club to get bottles sent to your door every month, ensuring you always have a glass of wine to pair with Girl Scout Cookies.

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