Girl Scout Cookies-Lemon Ups & Wine Pairings

The story of Girl Scout cookies began over a century ago. Since then, these beloved cookies have become an icon of American culture.

Each year, over 200 million boxes of Girl Scout cookies are sold.

Are you one to stock up on your newest favorite, Lemon-Ups? Introduced in 2020, Lemon-Ups are a crispy and sweet, glazed lemon cookie that goes well with many drinks, including wine. 

Whether you fancy something a little sweet yet tart with your evening glass of wine or would like to include a spread of Girl Scout cookies at your next wine tasting, here’s what to pair with this lemony treat. 

Pairing Wine with Girl Scout Cookies, It’s a Thing

You may think, wine with Girl Scout cookies? Is that a thing?

A quick online search shows how many people are interested in this topic. After all, those 200 million boxes that make their way into American homes are often in the company of carefully-selected wine collections. Pairing wine with dessert is nothing new, so why not Girl Scout cookies?

Now that Girl Scout cookie season is upon us; it’s time to pull out a few bottles of wine. If Lemon-Ups are your go-to, you’ll want to choose a wine varietal that pairs perfectly with citrus, such as a fruity wine or a sweet dessert wine. 

You have options!

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Lemon-Up Tasting Notes — How to Pair This Cookie with Wine

Compared to other Girl Scout cookies, Lemon-Ups are slightly sharp yet offer a hint of sweetness.

Whether you opt for a citrus-forward rosé or an oaked Chardonnay, here are some wines that will amplify and complement the lemon flavor of this wonderful Girl Scout cookie. 


For citrusy desserts, like Lemon-Ups, few wines shine like a good Riesling. Depending on where you source your Riesling, you’ll be able to find varying levels of dryness and sweetness. In the case of Lemon-Ups, a sweet Riesling can help cut through this cookie’s tartness, and thanks to its high acidity, the wine won’t taste too sweet when enjoyed alongside a citrusy cookie. Take this pairing one step further, opting for a Riesling with citrus fruit flavors. 

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc can be citrusy but fruity, making the taste of Lemon-Ups sing. It is the perfect companion when enjoying sweet yet acidic desserts. However, for this pairing to work, you need to remain mindful of the wine’s acidity — it should match the sharpness of the cookie (or whatever other lemon dessert you plan to pair it with). 

Lemon-Ups are a great pairing, but these pairing tips apply to other lemony desserts as well. Like this Lemon Posset recipe or these Sauvignon Blanc Wine Cupcakes, featuring wine and lemon peel in both the cupcakes and frosting. 

Pinot Grigio 

Lemon-Ups are a bright and vibrant cookie, which is why they call for an equally bright wine. Opt for a floral Pinot Grigio that offers lemon aromas. This pairing will enhance the sweet and punchy flavors of the glazed shortbread you look forward to each year. This aromatic Pinot Grigio offers aromas of ripe stone fruits, which is a wonderful way to end a meal — with a Lemon-Up in hand, of course. 

Oaked Chardonnay 

There’s a reason why oaked Chardonnay goes so well with lemon bars — and the same concept applies to Lemon-Ups. An oak-matured Chardonnay complements buttery shortbread and the tanginess of lemon perfectly. The notes of this wine elevate the flavors of Lemon-Ups, with hints of apple and vanilla pairing beautifully with the sweetness of the cookie. 

If you want to impress your guests or have some fun in the kitchen, pair an oaked Chardonnay with a lemon cheesecake, making the crust with crushed Lemon-Ups. This Dreamy Lemon Cheesecake recipe is bright and creamy, made with crushed lemon sandwich cookies. It’s the perfect way to elevate a box of your favorite Girl Scout cookies. 

Planning a Three-Course Meal with a Wine Boxset

Another perfect Chardonnay is the 2017 “Gold Digger” from Sweet Oaks. When you open the bottle, you’re hit with an aroma that’s reminiscent of buttery toast with a hint of new French oak. Being crisp and bright on the palette, it’s the perfect pairing for a sweet, citrusy cookie. Offering notes of lemony crème brulée, a crisp finish, and excellent acidity, it complements the flavors of Lemon-Ups. This Chardonnay comes in a hard-to-resist boxset — Flight Club Bitch Box

In this box, you’ll also receive:

  • 2019 White Blend “All About Me”
  • 2017 Syrah “Bite Me”

The fun thing about this boxset is that you can plan a full meal, pairing these wines with each course. The order in which you present these wines will depend on your menu. If you plan on serving grilled or braised meats as your main, Syrah should be served with this course. However, if you plan on serving a curry, roasted chicken, or Asian cuisine, the White Blend will be a perfect choice. 

Whichever option you choose, the other can be paired with an appropriate first course. If you’re getting into the art of pairing, a cheese and charcuterie board offers an opportunity to be creative, as many choices pair well with both wines. Then, finish the meal with Lemon-Ups and a glass of Gold Digger Chardonnay. If you love to bake and feel like making something extra fancy, serve this Citrus Chardonnay Sangria Cake as your final course. 

Ready to Pair the Perfect Wine with Lemon-Ups? Sweet Oaks Can Help

Sweet Oaks is proud to offer a wide selection of exquisite wines produced in the heart of Temecula Valley. There are plenty to choose from when aiming to pair wine with Girl Scout cookies, including Lemon-Ups. 

If you look forward to the release of Lemon-Ups each year and want to elevate the flavors with quality wine, Sweet Oaks has what you need. Please browse our selection of wines to find your favorite.

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