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Hot Tips To Keep Your Wine Cool for Your Beach Day

You’re headed to the beach for a day, and you can’t wait for the sun, sand, and fun with good friends. It promises to be an unforgettable experience. But there’s just one question. How do you keep your wine crisp and cool during a long, hot day in the sun?

We all know there’s nothing worse than warm wine. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to keep your wine cool, even on a midsummer beach day. This post will share some of our favorite wine-chilling tips and discuss some of the top gizmos and gadgets to keep wine cold, even on hot days.

Let’s dive in.

First Things First: Why Do We Serve Wine Cold?

Few things beat a crisp glass of wine on a hot summer afternoon. But, while cold wine is undeniably refreshing, that’s not the only purpose chilling serves. 

White wines, sparkling wines, and rosés all taste better chilled. 

Chilling changes the body of the wine and makes it easier for drinkers to pick up on flavor notes and nuances in their bottle of choice. 

The rule of thumb is that white and sparkling wines should be served at about 45 degrees while rosés should be served closer to 40 degrees.

5 Smart Ways To Keep Wine Cold at the Beach

You’ve packed your beach bag with your favorite crisp whites and fruity rosés. Here’s how to keep them cold all day long.

1. Pack them in ice in a good-quality cooler

The easiest, most straightforward option is to pack your wine in a cooler full of ice. Look for durable, take-anywhere coolers that hold ice for days at a time. 

We recommend soft-sided coolers since they’re perfect for days at the beach and promise to keep your wine cold for as long as you want to stay out there. 

As you pack your wine into the cooler, store it upright, so its position doesn’t cause leaks or compromise the cork. 

2. Get a bottle insulator

If you’d rather skip the bulky cooler, invest in a bottle insulator. 

They are designed to work like your favorite insulated coffee mug. Bottle insulators work by encasing your sealed bottle of (cold) wine and maintaining its temperature during your beach day.

Similar options, often known as wine growlers or canteens, are designed to hold your decanted bottle of wine and serve up refreshing, ice-cold pours all day.

3. Get a chilling aerator

Most of us are familiar with aerators, those neat devices that accelerate oxidation and evaporation in wine. 

Chiling aerators are all that and more. Just pop one of these cool accessories in the freezer for 90 minutes, insert it into your bottle of chilled red wine, and the aerator’s cold material will chill each glass to the perfect temperature. 

While these devices won’t cool an already-warm bottle of wine, they’re a great way to ensure your cold wine stays that way from bottle to glass. 

4. Freeze some grapes

Are you looking for a fun, creative way to keep your wine cold at the beach? Why not freeze a bunch of grapes before you head out? 

This method serves two purposes: the frozen bunch of grapes act like ice in the cooler, keeping your wine cold as you head down to the beach. Then, once you’re there, you can pop off a few of the frozen grapes and place them in each glass you pour. 

The grapes chill the wine glass while adding a festive flair to the day. 

5. Get a wine cooler sleeve

Wine cooler sleeves work a lot like bottle insulators, except they’re made from soft material and designed to be more portable. 

Some are equipped with gel packs to provide additional cooling. While these accessories won’t keep your wine as cold as a stainless steel wine insulator, they’re great for short beach picnics or romantic shoreside dinners. 

Here’s how they work:

Store the wine sleeve in the refrigerator or freezer before use. When you’re ready to head out, pop your chosen bottle of wine into the sleeve, zip it up, and head out! Look for a wine cooler sleeve that will offer quality and durability for years to come. 

Choosing the Perfect Wine To Take to the Beach

Generally, red wine is best served at room temperature, while white, sparkling, and rosé wine are all best served cold. But, of course, a hot beach day calls for a cold wine, so here are our top recommendations:

  • Sweet Oaks Pinot Grigio. An aromatic, pleasant drinking wine. This delicious, dry variety is full of fruit notes and perfect for enjoying alongside a light lunch or dinner on the beach.

  • Chez Boujie – Crème De La Crème – 2019 Chardonnay. The name says it all! This Chardonnay offers ripe peach, vanilla, and spice notes, making it perfect for a hot beach day with friends.

  • Sweet Oaks – Brosé – 2019 Grenache. Brosé offers a beautiful salmon pink color and notes of orange. This bright, fresh wine is savory and just slightly spicy.

  • Sweet Oaks 2017 Viognier. This expressive white wine is light yellow and full of fruity, crisp notes. Offering a clean finish and a bold profile, we love to pair this bottle with spicy dishes like Thai or Greek food.

Sweet Oaks: The Perfect Partner for Your Upcoming Beach Day

The perfect beach day requires the perfect wine pairings. Fortunately, Sweet Oaks is here for you, offering a variety of delicious wines for your summer adventures. Our bottles are the go-anywhere, do-anything partners for unforgettable fun. Try Sweet Oaks today.

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