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Perfect Wine for Date Night

You’ve been planning a special evening to celebrate your loved one for a while. The candles are ready; you’ve got some rose petals to scatter on the table. You can already hear the soft romantic music setting the mood in the background. But how do you choose a perfect wine for date night? Wine has been an essential part of romance since wine became part of courtship. The flavors and aromas can complement your ambiance and food choices, and picking the right bottle is not complicated.

Say it with bubbles

There is no need to overthink this one; sparkling wines have been a part of special occasions for hundreds of years. The bubbles, usually formed naturally from a second fermentation in the bottle, lift the palate and the spirits. Sparkling wine speaks of celebration, romance, and elegance. You might like to splash out on a vintage Champagne. Perhaps you would like to explore some of the lesser-known but equally delicious sparkling wines made elsewhere globally like Cava, Prosecco, or the South African Methode Cap Classique. Your date is sure to enjoy a bottle of fizz. The fresh acidity and light body make for a delightful celebration.

Match your meal

The best way to find the perfect wine for date night is to pair it with the food you will serve. A common choice is a high-quality steak. It’s easy and quick to prepare. However, the bold flavors need a robust red wine to equal them in power, so you might want to choose a wine with a high Syrah content.

Syrah is a strong choice of grape varietal. It has small berries with thick skins, so expect lots of tannins and a body that will be able to stand up to the beef’s richness. In addition, the fruity elements – think luscious dark fruits like blackberries – will provide a counterpoint to the meat’s natural sweetness and any caramelization that occurs in the skillet. Finally, serving your steak with a twist of black pepper or even a creamy peppercorn sauce will enhance your wine pairing because Syrah has a natural peppery tone that will complement this accompaniment.

Try it with the 2018 Sweet Oaks DeLuzional Syrah blend, which has all the benefits of Syrah, with the added lift of Zinfandel grapes bringing jammy fruit and an extra helping of spicy and toasty pep.

Vegan friendly

If you prefer to serve a plant-based meal, something like a vegan risotto with mushrooms and asparagus is an indulgent treat that takes a little preparation in the kitchen, but once it’s made leaves you free to focus on your partner and not the cooking! The rich, creamy texture without butter or cream comes from combining the starches in the arborio rice, mixed slowly with vegetable stock and nutritional yeast. This dish is excellent paired with wine, so you have a lot of choices available.

A good match for this dish would be a lightly oaked Chardonnay. This style of white wine has a slightly fuller body than others and robustness of flavor that will stand up well to the oozing velvety character of the risotto. In addition, the toasty French oak will bring out the best in those earthy fungi and add a little spice that will lift the pairing on your palate and stop the rice from being too heavy. The soft peach tones will help to elevate the dish further, while the wine’s natural acidity will help cut through the food and keep your palate fresh.

We recommend Chez Boujie Crème de la Crème 2019 Chardonnay which is a soft, fresh wine. It has spent time in oak, which adds depth and complexity to the wine and a delicate hint of vanilla that will bring out the best in your risotto dish.

Speak the language of love

Sometimes, the perfect wine for date night is right in front of you. Suppose you want to choose a wine that will impress. Pick one that was named for all the glamour and allure of the romantic arts. The Sol de Luz Love Language 2017 Grenache says all you need to know on the label. Grenache is an excellent choice for date night, as red wine is often associated with sensuality because of its color and texture.

This wine is full of complexity and interest without being too overpowering, so it can be a wise choice if you are in a newer relationship and not sure of your date’s taste yet. It has evocative fruit flavors, like wild strawberries and cherries; why not pair it with a bowl of strawberries and a complimentary shaving of dark chocolate. Finally, let the earthy spice notes in the wine work their magic.

Strawberries have had a long association with love in popular mythology. There is even a legend that if two people split one of these bright berries, they fall hopelessly in love. There is nothing more seductive than offering a strawberry to your date, so stick with the classics and keep those fires burning!

Choosing a perfect wine for date night can say a lot about your personality and express your feelings towards your partner. Make sure that you let yourself shine by following our easy tips, and most of all, find a wine that you can share and have fun with on your date night. There is no substitute for great company and sparkling conversation, so put your energy into your date and let the wine be a pleasant addition on the sidelines. Then, be sure to grab your next bottle of Sweet Oaks wine by ordering online, or plan your next trip to our winery today!

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