Sol De Luz 2017 Syrah – Tasting Notes and Pairings

Syrah is a small, thick-skinned grape. It originated in France as a crossbreed between two lesser-known varietals – Dureza and Mondeuse Blanche. Now it has found a comfortable home, growing in Southern California. The generous hours of sunshine help this bold grape ripen well and produce expressive wines that can be used in a wide variety of Syrah pairings. The excellent growing conditions in the state produce more complex wines with desirable savory characteristics, including a variety of spices and tobacco leaves.


Tasting Notes

The Sol De Luz 2017 Syrah has an intense ruby red color in the glass. All of the color and tannin in red wine comes from the skins of the grapes, and because Syrah is such a small berry with relatively thick skins, this means that there are rich colors and tannins at play within this wine. Put your nose near to the glass, and a cacophony of delicious aromas will jump out at you. Look for dark red fruits, black plums, blueberries, and blackberries. Sniff more deeply and uncover layers of sweet spices like clove and savory hints of tobacco leaf and peppercorns.


There is a touch of new French oak present in the aroma profile of this wine that adds another level of sophistication. The slow maturation before the wine was released adds a delicate hint of vanilla and perhaps even a hint of smoke. At the same time, the subsequent bottle aging has given all of these intricate layers the time to blend and create a harmonious whole.


Take a sip, and on the palate, you will find that sweet red fruits dominate at first but then gradually give way to a rich stratigraphy of the same spice and earthiness found in the aroma profile of the wine. There is a well matured soft tannic edge that complements the relatively full body of this wine well, while the generous acidity allows the wine to finish softly on the palate with a velvety mouthfeel and a delicate whisper of black fruits and black pepper that gently fades from your senses. Read on to learn more about the most successful foods to put up for your guests to enjoy as thoughtful Syrah pairings.


Suggestions for Syrah Pairings

Syrah is a bold, powerful wine, making it a fantastic wine to enjoy alongside food. Due to the heavyweight character of the flavors, along with the rich tannins and moderate, balancing acidity, Syrah pairings often revolve around meat. This grape varietal suits red meats very well. Use the same spices you can taste in the wine to season the food and bring the wine pairing experience to another level. For example, a juicy steak, flash-fried in the pan and served rare, goes beautifully with a peppercorn sauce. In turn, that sauce and the deep meaty savoriness of the steak will pull out the very best elements of the Sol De Luz 2017 Syrah red wine.


Because this wine is so rich and indulgent, it can also pair very successfully with meats that have more robust flavors. Game is one example – try a braised rabbit stew and perhaps even cook a little of the wine into the sauce to help draw the dish together. Bison is another example of a tasty meat that will pair nicely with this particular wine.


However, not everyone wants to eat meat. There are still plenty of bold choices to make to bring out the best in this Sol De Luz 2017 Syrah. Taking the spicy characteristics of this wine as your starting point, you might like to try a range of spicy vegetarian recipes to make a dream match. We love to pair the Sol De Liz Syrah with a deliciously spiced falafel which has many layers of tasty flavor in its own right and can stand up to the tannic brilliance of the wine. Try this authentic falafel recipe which is actually vegan friendly and incredibly simple to make. You can even make falafel in advance and serve it as a main meal or simply as nibbles with a glass of Syrah as the perfect accompaniment.


Remember to always look for balance when you are choosing foods to pair with your wines. The Syrah is deep, heavy, and bold, and Syrah pairings are best when you select foods that can hold up to all of that. Lighter foods like seafood, fish, chicken, or plainer garden salads with light dressings will simply be overwhelmed by this wine, and dishes with too much acidity may not suit the levels of tannin and body that this wine has to offer. Check out the available wines offered by Sweet Oaks.


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Enjoy a lightly aged and flavorful Southern Californian Syrah. Click here to find out about the ideal foods to match as perfect Syrah pairings.


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