Sweet Oaks 2017 Viognier – Tasting Notes and Pairing

This is a deeply fragranced wine that gives the very most delicate aromas and flavors of Viognier. This complex white grape has classically been grown in the Rhône Valley of France but has found a new expression in the coastal valleys of Southern California. Read on to learn more about the tasting notes for this wine and the most delicious Viognier pairings that will delight any dinner guest.


Sweet Oaks grows and produces this delectable wine in the Temecula Valley, known as Southern California’s own wine country. Here the combination of warm sunny days and cool nights tempered by the brisk ocean air being drawn into the valley provides the perfect Mediterranean climate for the beautiful Viognier grape to be grown to its very best. Viognier wines need that excellent balance of sun-induced ripeness tempered by a crisp backbone of acidity to create the perfect drinking experience.


Tasting Notes

The pronounced, enticing aromas of this wine rise from the glass to welcome you. It is crammed with the typical blend of Viognier scents – both the fruit and the floral. Expect white blossom and ripe apricot to blend with the perfumed aromas of peach and honeysuckle. Just the merest hint of ginger adds an intriguing element of spice to the bouquet of this wine and lends an additional layer of exotic excitement.

The wine has a delicate light straw, slightly golden color that hints suggestively of the careful aging that this wine has undergone. It has had just enough time in the bottle for the flavors to have matured and blended to create a wine that is harmoniously in tune with itself. However, this maturity has not done anything to dampen the wine’s playfulness or the fresh stone fruit characters that burst out of the glass to entice and entertain.


As you bring the glass to your lips, you will embark upon a real journey of flavor. At first, the slightly sweet mouthwatering fruitiness hits your palate. As you enjoy that first eye-opening taste, it is soon tempered with the next layer, a moderate but crisp acidity that shines through the fruit and gives the whole wine a delightful balance and freshness. As these initial flavors and sensations dance on your palate, you will find that several layers of stone fruit character next begin to reveal themselves to you. Think nectarine, juicy white peach, and ripe apricot. Truly this is the embodiment of summer in a glass.


The finish is clean and long; the fruitiness gives way to a pleasant florality. This is a fragrant wine, and the winemaker has chosen not to blend the Viognier grape but to let its unique character shine as a single varietal. Having enjoyed the beautifully rounded mouthfeel of this medium-bodied wine, you will be left with a long and lingering finish. Sit back and let the soft kisses of spring blossom and honeysuckle leave their calling card all-around your senses.


Want to know which food pairs best with Viognier? Read on!


Enjoy It With Food: Ideal Viognier Pairings

The Sweet Oaks 2017 Viognier white wine is beautifully easy-drinking yet still full of complex layers of flavor. It is a medium wine that would make the perfect choice for a romantic lunch. The wonderful flavor profile means that Viognier pairings are relatively straightforward, and the wine will match with a wide range of different food items. Thanks to the pronounced aromas and punchy flavors it carries so effortlessly, Sweet Oaks 2017 Viognier holds up very well against highly flavored and strongly spiced dishes. Try matching it with a creamy, coconut-laden Indian chicken korma or the carefully balanced sweet, sour and spicy hotness of a Thai green curry.


This tasty Viognier is also flexible enough to match with lighter foods. Try it with seared scallops and salad in a light dressing, or pull out and use the fruity elements of the wine in your dish, adding roasted peach or even a little chopped mango to your salad or side accent the notes in the wine.


You might find a hit of paprika heat from Greek-style dishes are a fantastic choice for creating joyful single-varietal Viognier pairings. Try this recipe for a Greek-inspired yogurt-paprika chicken with lemon. This is a simple dish to make, with the real leg work being done by an hour of slow marinading of the chicken to add those elegant Mediterranean-inspired flavors. The beautiful acidity of the Sweet Oaks Viognier will cut through the creaminess of the yogurt, as well as complementing the smokey spiciness of the paprika and the citric acidity of the lemon. Picking a dish with complex and bold flavors like this will make the most of this memorable white wine’s vibrancy and characterful nature. This punchiness will also be reflected in a handful of cilantro, roughly chopped and tossed over the dish at the very last moment – reflecting the fresh personality of the delicious wine.


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