The Story of Sweet Oaks Winery

In the rolling hills of Temecula Valley, you’ll find Sweet Oaks Winery. 

Not your average winery, Sweet Oaks continues to impress wine enthusiasts from near and far. Of course, impeccably crafted wine is our highest priority, but our winery is so much more than that. Whether you come for the wine or the scenery, Sweet Oaks Winery is a place you’ll never forget. 

Where It All Began

The story of Sweet Oaks Winery begins with its growers, couple Heather and Jason Altepeter.

With deep, passionate agricultural backgrounds, the couple planted their roots in Temecula, California — the heart of Southern California’s sprawling wine country. It was here that they could escape the everyday hustle and bustle of city life, finding great purpose and meaning.

Both Heather and Jason had entrepreneurial backgrounds. Growing grapes was more of a passion project, one that would develop into something unexpected. Temecula’s deep-seated wine culture helped guide their appreciation for fine wines and unique vintages, taking their passion project to the next level. 

Sweet Oaks Winery Was Born

In 2015, Heather and Jason saw an opportunity. They purchased Sweet Oaks Ranch, a 28-acre equestrian estate known for its natural beauty, which was about to become the birthplace of Sweet Oaks Wine. The ranch’s impeccable growing climate and rich soil produced grapes that would become exquisite wines when put in the right hands. 

Using grapes grown in the renowned viticultural area of Temecula Valley, Sweet Oaks produces unique, exclusive wines that represent the incredible place Heather and Jason call home. 

Stay With Us

Temecula Valley has begun to attract people from just about everywhere, quickly becoming a growing tourist destination. The local culture, stunning landscape, must-visit wineries, and wonderful eateries make this region a must-stop destination during your West Coast travels. 

Being such a special place, Heather and Jason couldn’t keep it all to themselves. There’s a certain beauty about Temecula Wine Country — you get lost in it. That’s why this dynamic duo decided to offer more than wine. They provide a complete experience. Unique, stunning homes are available to rent, allowing you to enjoy luxury amenities and access to the extensive winery grounds. 

Meet the Winemaker Who Turns Grapes Into Art 

Joining Heather and Jason on their journey in 2016, Mark Horvath is both an artisan and winemaker. 

For Mark Horvath, wine is both a science and an art. 

His impressive career began at Carmenet Winery in Sonoma. While working in the cellar, his passion for wine came to life. His fascination soon turned into skills that would pave the way for opportunities to come — the type of opportunities that evolved into an incredible career. His journey includes experiences at top wineries such as Babcock Winery in Santa Ynez Valley.

Over the years, he’s crafted wines enjoyed by wine lovers, ranging from hobbyists to wine connoisseurs. 

Once he had his foot in the door and knew that this was his calling, Horvath co-founded Kenneth-Crawford Wines with colleague Kenneth Gummere. This partnership led to producing some of the region’s most sought-after grenaches, pinot noirs, and syrahs. 

For many, this would be enough, but not for Horvath, a lifelong student of his art. He set out to broaden his winemaking experience and knowledge, taking over the winemaking responsibilities at Tres Hermanas Winery in Santa Maria.

Sweet Oaks Winery was founded alongside Sol de Luz Vineyards, its sister label, located in nearby De Luz, California. Horvath is now part of the Sweet Oaks and Sol de Luz team, bottling his art for wine lovers to enjoy. 

What Do We Offer?

Sweet Oaks revolves around the art of wine. From our world-class wine tastings to private tours, our guests are treated like family — one big family that loves wine! As a top winery in the Temecula Valley region, we offer tastings to all our visitors. We take this opportunity to share the history of our vineyard and how we create our wines. 

We take immense pride in the wine we produce and have created an atmosphere around great wine and great company. When you visit, you’ll be taken aback by the beauty of Temecula’s vast, rolling hills. Once the warm California sun hits your face, as you sip on our top-shelf selection, you’ll know you’re in a special place. 

Here, we’re all about luxury. Our guests feel like royalty when they come to Sweet Oaks, which is the way it should be. Exquisite wines should be enjoyed in an equally exquisite place. Whether your goal is to relax, to be pampered, to learn more about great wine, or just to get a pleasant buzz with great company, Sweet Oaks Winery checks all the boxes. 

Oh, and at Sweet Oaks, we know that wine and food go hand-in-hand. That’s why we provide the option to order gourmet, seasonal food. Want to plan a picnic for you and someone special? No problem. Would you rather sip away the afternoon while snacking on chef-curated charcuterie boards? We’ve got you covered. 

Want to see what we’ve been up to? Browse our wine, discover our wine club, and more!

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