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Thin Mints + Wine — It’s a Wonderful Thing

There are certain things you may look forward to every year — like the first day of summer, Christmas, and Girl Scout cookie season.

Although there are plenty of cookies to choose from, few are more loved than Thin Mints. The evolution of this recipe began in 1939 when they were first called Cooky Mints, before being given the name “Thin Mints” in 1963. They have been a best seller for decades and are now an iconic symbol of American culture. 

If your go-to Girl Scout cookie is the Thin Mint and you want to enjoy a sleeve with a couple of glasses of wine after a long day, this pairing guide tells all. 

Thin Mints + Wine — It’s a Wonderful Thing

Wine pairing can be a slightly complex topic, and there are some golden (but flexible) rules. Some wine enthusiasts would never drink a red with fish or a white with steak. However, once you become more familiar with wine pairings, you see that it’s less about the color and more about the wine’s structure and characteristics. When stepping into the world of dessert and wine pairings, it’s essential to have fun with this process.

For the most part, Thin Mints pair best with bold, deep reds, but there are exceptions. Whether you have a Cabernet Franc in your cellar or a bottle of Vintage Port, Thin Mints are one of those treats that pair well with many wines.

Here are a few suggestions and why they’re good matches. 


There’s something magical about a bottle of Grenache and a box of Thin Mints. Whether you’re snuggled up on the couch, watching a movie, or are creating a unique dessert spread for your next at-home wine tasting, Thin Mints with Grenache are a winning combination. Thin Mints are made with a dark cocoa blend and pure peppermint oil. Grenache has low tannins and sweet fruit notes, pairing beautifully with darker chocolate.

It’s also not uncommon to experience subtle flavors and aromas of mint in Grenache.

So, this choice is a no-brainer when you open a box of Thin Mints with wine on your mind. 

Dive deeper into Grenache tasting notes and pairings

Syrah Blend

Syrah pairs wonderfully with Thin Mints. Just as this full-bodied red stands up well to heavy meats and mushrooms, Syrah also pairs well with dark chocolate. Syrah offers flavors and aromas reminiscent of Thin Mints, including, you guessed it — mint. The spice in Syrah also elevates the taste of Thin Mints.

Zinfandel is another safe bet when pairing wine with chocolate and mint. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate winner, this Syrah Blend is it. DeLuzional is a 60% Syrah and 40% Zinfandel blend. Upon opening a bottle, you’ll be hit with the aromas of mint and cocoa powder — sound familiar? The flavors of cherries and blackberries present in this blend also complement Thin Mints perfectly. 

If you are looking for another dessert to add to your Syrah Blend pairing table, this Mint Chocolate Cherry Galette is heavenly. 


Sticking to the theme of bold, deep reds, a bottle of Merlot is an excellent choice. Although not always, “the darker the dessert, the darker the wine” is a good rule of thumb. Merlot is characterized by its deep flavors and velvet mouthfeel. When paired with chocolate, the velvetiness of Merlot is enhanced, bringing out the best in both the wine and chocolate. 

Thin Mints are one of the darkest Girl Scout cookies; they also have a relatively strong flavor, which is why rich dark reds, like Merlot, are typically a safe bet. However, some will argue that Pinot Noir is the way to go when it comes to chocolate, especially anything made with darker cocoa. 

There are few collections as perfect as this Flight Club ZombiVino boxset when enjoying a night of wine and Thin Mints. Enjoy a 2017 Pinot Noir, 2017 Merlot, and 2017 Malbec. The fun part about this collection is that you can experiment with each wine’s characteristics to see how they bring out the flavors of Thin Mints and vice versa.

For example, the 2017 Merlot “Zomberlot” offers cocoa spice, cherry, and vanilla hints. In contrast, the 2017 Pinot Noir “Night Walker” provides a more earthy character, along with hints of sweet fruit and bright acidity. Both pair well with Thin Mints, but they differ significantly. If you’re having a fun tasting night with friends, there is no need to take things too seriously — but this boxset definitely will not disappoint. 

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-body dry red wine that pairs well with Thin Mints. The high tannins in this wine varietal enhance the strong flavor of mint. Nothing beats a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon for this specific pairing because of the warm spices you’ll typically find, as well as hints of vanilla and tobacco. The combination is perfect when nibbling on Thin Mints. If you’re planning on serving several desserts alongside Thin Mints, you can’t go wrong with Dark Chocolate Cabernet Truffles or this Chocolate Cabernet Tart, garnished with mint leaves. If you’re feeling adventurous and love to bake, try this Raspberry Chocolate Layer Cake.

Sweet Oaks Offers an Exquisite Selection of Thin Mint-Worthy Wines

Sweet Oaks is proud to grow a selection of grapes, producing exquisite wines from the heart of Temecula Valley. Founded in 2015, Sweet Oaks has since released a growing collection of wines, including several that pair perfectly with Thin Mints — as well as other Girl Scout cookies. Whether you’re planning a “Girl Scout cookie and wine night” with your girlfriends or are intrigued by this fun (and delicious) trend, as long as you have the cookies, Sweet Oaks has everything you need to make your Thin Mint pairing a success. 

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