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Why Sweet Oaks Uses Bee Netting

A vineyard that protects its grapes at all costs.

When you imagine a vineyard, you probably envision rolling hills covered with rows of beautiful green vines. And normally, that’s exactly what Sweet Oaks looks like. But just after veraison (when the color of the grapes change), the vineyard transforms. Within a matter of days, all the grapevines are veiled in bee netting. This seemingly bizarre spectacle is a critical component of the grapes’ survival.


Well, after veraison, the grapes stop growing, change color, and swell with sugar. This influx of sweetness beckons bees from all around. Hordes of bees swarm towards the vines with the intent to suck out the grapes’ contents—which is precisely why we drape and secure bee netting over every grapevine.

But it’s not just bees that wreak havoc on our juicy grapes. Birds do, too. In fact, birds are a common threat in the eyes of vineyards all around. It’s common practice for wineries to take preventive measures after veraison and cover their precious vines with bird netting.

Bird Netting - Winemaking

Bird netting effectively shields the grapes from birds but leaves them vulnerable to hungry bees and other insects lurking around. Many vineyards that use bird netting discover grapes that have been damaged or drained of their contents, despite their netting.

That’s why Sweet Oaks uses quality bee netting. Unlike bird netting, the intricate mesh of bee netting provides no opening large enough for either birds or insects to enter through. Thanks to bee netting, our wine grapes remain full and unblemished until harvest.

Bee Netting - Winery

But warding off birds and bees is no easy feat. Each net must be installed by hand. It’s a grueling, backbreaking task. But to us, it’s worth the effort.

Sweet Oaks commits this act as a labor of love. We’re driven to produce the freshest, juiciest grapes that create the most delicious, mouth-watering wine. If you’re interested in tasting our quality wine, join our wine club and we’ll ship some directly to you!

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