2019 Grenache (Brosé) – Tasting Notes and Pairings

There’s nothing quite like a glass of grenache rosé — or in this case, a brosé. Sure, it’s most commonly enjoyed in the summer, but you can enjoy this wine year-round. The first sip will instantly bring you back to summer, whether it’s April or December. 

Although rosé is believed to be the oldest style of wine globally, a misperception evolved somewhere along the way. Rosé was long viewed as a low-alcohol, sweet wine in American culture. However, that has all changed. As rosés became more complex, this led to a trend where more people, and more men, specifically, began indulging in rosé wines. This is what led to the brosé movement. 

Yielding a beautiful medium-pink hue, a bright aroma, and fresh, crisp flavors, Sweet Oaks 2019 Brosé – Grenache is a must-have bottle when stocking your collection. Whether you plan on hosting an upcoming food and wine-centric event or are interested in expanding your pairing knowledge, this guide will dive deeper into what you can expect from this wine, as well as some of the best dishes and ingredients to pair with it. 

Tasting Notes 

Most rosés are made with a mixture of grapes, but a few grapes shine on their own. Grenache is one of them, yielding a fairly dry, rich palate — with a bit of residual sugar. That is what you can expect from this 2019 Grenache Brosé, as well as so much more. 


Before you taste this wine, you’ll immediately notice its color. Reminiscent of salmon or grapefruit, this wine is pink with a tinge of orange. Its unique color is just the beginning, as the most wonderful blend of scents will then hit you. As your pour a glass, you’ll smell hints of fresh wild strawberry blended with dried orange peel. Its fragrance is sweet and fruity, but most of all, inviting!

On the palate, you’ll appreciate the burst of citrus and fresh berry flavors, yielding a mildly sweet, slightly acidic taste. The next layer reveals a crisp and spicy finish that is somewhat savory. Many drinkers are surprised that this wine is more dry than sweet because of its candy-colored appearance. 

To preserve the freshness and fruitiness of this wine, store this grenache rosé between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit (or seven to 13 degrees Celsius). 

Sweet Oaks 2019 Grenache Brosé Food Pairings

When it comes to food and wine pairing, a grenache rosé goes well with foods from the Mediterranean, Moroccan, and Thai cultures and dishes from the Middle East and North Africa. 


Because Sweet Oaks 2019 Grenache “Brosé” stands up well to bold dishes. It is robust enough to perfectly contrast with the richness of barbecued meats and spicy curries. 


Whether you’re hosting a three-course meal or an evening to feature wine and appetizers, a selection of cheese will most likely make an appearance. For a grenache, opt for semi-soft cheeses. Nothing beats slices of Havarti, but why stop there? Other great choices include:

  • Burrata 
  • Goat gouda 
  • Brie
  • Camembert 

If you want to go that extra mile, grenache rosé wines pair well with deli meats — think prosciutto! 

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First Course

Depending on the type of evening you plan to host, one of the best starters to pair with a grenache rosé is a simple, leafy salad featuring fresh seasonal fruit. Another excellent salad option is a niçoise salad. 

Looking for something a bit more adventurous? Serve duck breast skewers with an Asian marinade or a spinach and feta quiche, made with a quinoa crust! Both of these go well with a small side of leafy greens — just to bring some color and freshness to the plate. 

Main Course

Since Sweet Oaks 2019 Grenache “Brosé” offers a moderate acidity and a medium body, it is the perfect barbecue pairing. Although it goes well with smoked salmon or grilled chicken, it also pairs well with roasted pork, spicy dishes, or even wild game, like roasted pheasant or this Moroccan-style squash and venison tagine recipe. Don’t be afraid to use plenty of aromatic spices!

For vegetarians, grenache rosé pairs wonderfully with nightshades, like tomato, eggplant, and red pepper. Give this roasted eggplant with couscous recipe a try!


Remember, this grenache rosé is on the dry side, which means you do not want to pair it with overly sweet desserts. When you dissect this wine, you get hints of citrus and berry, so a dessert with orange or strawberry notes will do the trick. This strawberry lemon shortcake will do just fine. 

Another great idea is to use spices in your dessert. This Mayan chocolate pudding, made with ground habanero, allspice, chocolate, and heavy cream, is the perfect combination of sweetness and heat. 

Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice. Check out all that Sweet Oaks has to offer to build your wine collection today!

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