4 Things to Look for in a Wine Tasting Event

Attending a wine tasting event can be a fun way to find your new favorite wine while making memories with friends or family. Fortunately, lots of wineries offer tasting events that might interest you. But which one is right for you? Here’s what to look for as you try to decide which tasting event best meets your expectations.

1. A Wide Variety of Wines

First, make sure the wine tasting event you choose will let you try several different varieties of wine. After all, the main point, aside from providing you with a fun afternoon with loved ones, is to introduce you to one or more wines you’ll want to add to your regular rotation.

This means you should expect to try at least five wines, though most wineries offer even more than that, with eight to ten being a common range. This should include a good selection of whites, reds, sparkling wines, etc. So before you choose a wine tasting event to attend, find out how many wines you’ll be able to taste there. The more that are available, the higher the chances you’ll find your new favorite wine at the event!

2. A Simple Scheduling Process

Another detail to consider is how easy it is to make plans to attend the wine tasting. You shouldn’t have to spend time calling wineries to figure out when wine tastings are happening. The website or social media pages should clarify what days and times you can go. This will save you the trouble of waiting on hold to talk to someone about the schedule, or even worse — showing up on a day when the tastings aren’t taking place!

In fact, many of the top-rated wineries let you see the schedule for wine tastings and then book your day and time online. For instance, Sweet Oaks Winery shows you a calendar of available wine tasting sessions and then lets you book yours within minutes. As you plan your next wine tasting in Temecula, this saves you time and trouble.

3. Extra Features

While the focus of any wine tasting event should be on the wine, many popular wineries offer more than this. After all, lots of things pair well with wine, from food to fun activities! So as you look at wine tasting events near you, take into account what kinds of extras are offered.

A common offering is food. This might include some small snacks that go well with wine, such as cheese or dessert — or it could be a whole meal. Find out what’s offered at the wineries you’re considering before you book an event. For instance, Sweet Oaks Winery offers tasty charcuterie options that will whet your appetite during the wine tasting you attend. They include unique cheeses, meats, fruits, and more. So when you schedule your wine tasting event at Sweet Oaks, you’ll know you won’t go hungry as you taste several wines from the foothills of De Luz and the Temecula Valley!

Note that at the most popular wineries, you’ll be doing more than tasting wine and grabbing your favorite snacks from a charcuterie board. You might also be treated to activities on the property. For example, you could get a tour of the winery, where knowledgeable guides will fill you in on little-known facts about the property and the wine produced there. Some wineries also offer additional extras, such as petting zoos and outdoor games, so find out what’s included before you schedule a tasting.

4. The Option to Bring Home Keepsakes

When you have a fantastic day at a wine tasting event, you want to hold on to that memory for as long as possible. Luckily, most wineries make this easy for you by selling bottles of their wine. Every time you pour a glass of the wine you bought at a tasting event, you’ll remember the fun you had at the winery. Sweet Oaks sells a box of a few different bottles of wine so you can try a variety at home, or even make your own wine tasting with friends!

Some wineries also let you take home—or at least purchase—a glass with the winery’s name and logo on it. This way, you can look back fondly on the wine tasting event even when you’re drinking wine from somewhere else. And, of course, you may be able to find branded products other than wine glasses, from wine openers to keychains. So, find out if the winery you’re interested in has a gift shop or web page where you can browse fun wine-related keepsakes that will remind you of your great day even years later.

Now that you know what to look for in a wine tasting event, you should schedule one with Sweet Oaks Winery. We offer wine tastings that come with tours, delicious food, and more, so contact us today!

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