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6 Tips for Attending a Wine Tasting

“My only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine.” — Ernest Hemingway 

Life is all about enjoying unique experiences. 

Whether you’re creating a mini bucket list or are simply looking for a fun yet educational outing, a wine tasting is something to consider. 

There are so many wines available to us, and sometimes, accessibility interferes with our ability to unravel all that each wine offers. That’s what is so wonderful about a wine tasting experience. When attending a wine tasting, you immerse yourself in the experience, gain new knowledge, and develop a newfound respect for wine and the winemaking process. 

If you’re planning your first wine tasting, there are some key things to consider. Today, we’re going to cover six top tips to ensure the most memorable, pleasurable experience possible. 

1. Consider Your Outfit 

Who doesn’t love to dress up? A wine tasting is a perfect opportunity to dress in style while remaining comfortable and casual. Think sundresses with wide-brimmed hats. After all, standing in a winery offers many Instagram-worthy moments. For footwear, avoid heels and opt for flats. Also, be mindful that you’ll only have one hand free most of the time (thanks to wine glasses and snacks). Bring a small purse if you’d like to carry a camera, notebook, or phone. 

2. Don’t Arrive on an Empty Stomach 

Are you attending a wine tasting at 1:30 p.m.? Don’t skip breakfast and lunch!

Drinking wine on an empty stomach means you may get a bit too buzzed to enjoy your experience. If there’s food at the tasting, such as the charcuterie offered at Sweet Oaks, dive in. Snacking will help ensure there’s something in your stomach while enjoying carefully selected pairings. Enjoying wine with cheese and meats helps elevate your overall tasting experience. 

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3. Fragrances Matter — Be Mindful of Your Experience and Others 

Your sense of smell is a massive part of the tasting experience. Before you take a sip, you’ll want to take in all that wine offers concerning its aroma. When you taste the wine, the smells around you influence the flavors you experience. 

Research shows that between 75% and 95% of what we perceive as taste comes from our sense of smell. This means when the air is filled with cologne, perfume, and smoke, it affects the wines’ aromatics and how those wines taste. 

4. You Don’t Need to Swallow Every Drop

Don’t feel like you’re being rude if you spit out wine as the tasting event unfolds. The same goes for pouring out any wine you did not finish. There are spit buckets at tasting events for a reason. 

Depending on the number of tasting samples you have, they can add up. Know your limits so that you can continue to enjoy the event and your evening ahead, especially if you’re visiting somewhere like Temecula Valley on vacation. 

Remember, the whole point of a wine tasting experience is to uncover the complexities of each wine you taste. Pace yourself and get into the groove of truly dissecting a wine, enjoying its aromas and tasting notes. 

5. Talk to the Staff and Winemaker

Attending a wine tasting event at a winery brings you a unique opportunity to dive deeper into how the wines you sample were made, as well as the unique characteristics of the growing region. Whether you’re interested in the grapes, the styles, or a particular aging process, ask questions! Winery staff love enthusiastic visitors who share a passion for wine; it’s why they’re in the industry.

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6. Have Fun

Last but not least, have fun! Many people take wine very seriously, which is great because we have such an incredible global selection due to that. However, don’t feel like you need to be a wine connoisseur. 

Most people who attend wine tastings know little about wine. They know they like it, and that’s why they come. Attending a wine tasting is all about experiencing something new and memorable and having fun. 

Those who take wine more seriously are welcome to have in-depth conversations with the staff and winemakers. That’s the beauty of a private wine tasting. Wineries like Sweet Oaks will tailor your experience to your interests, knowledge, and overall objective for the day. 

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