Girl Scout Cookie Pairings – Tagalong

There’s something special about Girl Scout cookies. For some, it reminds them of their childhood. These beloved cookies date back to 1917 and have since evolved into the recognizable boxes we all know and love. 

Typically selling around 200 million boxes, or around $800 million worth of cookies each year, it’s clear that Girl Scout cookies are an icon of American culture. Did we mention they also pair beautifully with wine?

Tagalongs are a fan favorite, offering crisp vanilla cookies layered with peanut butter, which is then covered with chocolate — what’s not to love? Depending on what region you live in, you may know Tagalongs as Peanut Butter Patties. Different name, same delicious cookie.

So, whether you’re planning a movie marathon with a box of wine and a box of Tagalongs or are hosting a relaxed tasting party at home, complete with Girl Scout cookies, this guide covers everything you need to know about this fun pairing. 

How To Pair Tagalongs and Wine 

For many, there’s something nostalgic about Girl Scout cookies. Whether you were a Girl Scout or your daughter was, you’ll remember the cookie-selling days. If you sold them as a child, you get to enjoy these sweet treats a little differently as an adult — you get to have a cookie (or four) alongside wine. It’s a beautiful thing. 

Like any wine pairing, you want to focus on the wine’s characteristics and flavor profiles concerning the food in question. In this case, Tagalongs. As discussed above, Tagalongs are all about vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter. Tagalongs are known for their big taste, so choosing a big wine to match its intensity is always a safe bet. Amarone is one such option, but if you’re looking for wine varietals closer to home, you’re not limited by any means. 

So, where do you begin? How do you choose a wine that will complement or contrast that flavor profile in a way that makes both the wine and cookie sing? Whether you aim to intensify the flavors of Tagalongs or aim to balance its unique taste, choosing the right wine will allow you to achieve just that. Let’s dive in. 


When you take a bite of a Tagalong and then a sip of Zinfandel, it’s like enjoying a peanut butter and jam sandwich. There are few things more reminiscent of being a child as a PB and J sandwich — and that’s what makes this pairing so fun. 

Sweet Oaks 2016 Zinfandel is the perfect match for Tagalongs thanks to its jammy sweet cherry and berry notes. It’s rich and ripe with a round weight on the palate. Just as this wine is a great pairing option for grilled meats, as it stands up to bold, meaty dishes, it complements the peanut butter flavor of Tagalongs.

So, if you’re hosting a backyard cookout, be sure to have a table of sweet treats to enjoy after the main grilled event, with plenty of Zinfendal to keep the party going. When you purchase a case of Sweet Oaks 2016 Zinfandel, you save 20 percent. If you’re a lover of Tagalongs, think of how many extra boxes you can pick up with those savings. 


Grenache is another pairing option for the classic PB and J you loved as a kid and still love as an adult. Having a fruit-forward, medium tannin wine on-hand is an ideal choice when enjoying Tagalongs. Sweet Oaks – Brosé – 2019 Grenache is bright, fresh and packed with zesty wild strawberry flavor — it is highly reminiscent of jam. The sweet sugar aroma complements the sweetness of Tagalong cookies. 

There are also hints of citrus zest, which pairs well with chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, you have to try these Chocolate Grenache Tarts. There is orange juice in the filling and plenty of chocolate in the ganache, which is the perfect dessert to have alongside a glass of Sweet Oaks – Brosé – 2019 Grenache and a Tagalong or two, of course. 


Sure, Tagalongs are for peanut butter lovers, but there’s also a heck of a lot of chocolate on these cookies, which is why Syrah is a great choice. A bold Syrah goes well with both chocolate and peanut butter, so it’s a no-brainer — especially a cool-climate California Syrah. This 60 percent Syrah, 40 percent Zinfandel blend ticks all the boxes. Enjoy plenty of spice, cocoa powder and jammy ripe red fruits. 

If you’re in the mood for red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and Pinot Noir are also excellent choices. Each brings its unique characteristics compatible with peanut butter and chocolate — all for different reasons. That’s why it’s fun to have a selection of wines available for your Girl Scout cookie tasting event, even if that “event” includes you, your cat and reruns of Sex and the City. 

It’s tough to beat a wine boxset when you want to experiment with different flavors, especially when all options pair well with Tagalongs in their own unique ways. The Flight Club ZombiVino collection includes:

  • 2017 Pinot Noir — This wine offers jammy red fruits and bright acidity on the palate. It’s a sure thing when pairing wine and Tagalongs. Looking for another sweet treat to enjoy alongside your Tagalongs and Pinot Noir? Try these Pinot Noir Dark Chocolate Truffles
  • 2017 Merlot — It’s as if this Merlot was made for Tagalongs, as it’s packed full of cocoa spices, vanilla and sweet cherry fruits. This wine also pairs well with peanut brittle. If you want to create a dessert spread that complements Tagalongs and Merlot, this Five-Ingredient Peanut Brittle is it. 
  • 2017 Malbec — Again, this Malbec offers hints of vanilla, finishing with more of an earthy cherry character. If you want to get creative and have a whole Tagalong theme going, you can’t go wrong with these Tagalong Cookie Bars

Ready for a Tagalong and wine night to remember?

Sweet Oaks has the perfect selection. Try our collection of wines today!

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