How to Plan for a Vineyard Wedding

There are few things as enchanting as a vineyard wedding. 

Over the past couple of decades, winery weddings have transformed from rare to common. After all, the backdrops are most certainly Instagram-worthy. Ceremonies hosted in a religious institution have dropped from 41% in 2009 to 22% in 2017, and outdoor weddings increased from 39% to 52%

This trend is fueled by couples seeking venues that showcase their personalities. For many, a whimsical, non-traditional vineyard venue allows them to showcase their unique vision to those they love most. Vineyards, such as Sweet Oaks, offer lush, manicured grounds and exceptional wine. 

If you’re planning a vineyard wedding yourself, you may be thinking, where do I start?

This guide is intended to help you along your journey as you plan for your big day — enjoy the process!


The venue you choose is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Not only will the location you choose set the mood and provide a setting for your wedding photos, but that location also needs to make sense for your guests. 

Some of the questions to ask when looking for a venue include:

  • Are children allowed?
  • Is there somewhere nearby where my guests can stay?
  • Do you have indoor options if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

For example, at Sweek Oaks Winery, guests could book the Whispering Creek Estate, featuring eight bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an endless heated pool, a full bar, a game room, floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace, and so much more. What a magical way to end the perfect day with those you love the most. For those seeking the full experience, there are even options to camp!

Temecula is also less than nine miles away if you have a fairly large guest list. There’s no shortage of hotels. How far guests need to travel for the evening is something to consider. Many love the idea of a vineyard wedding, but accessibility is a concern when guests want to indulge in quality wine. 

Once you choose your venue, you can then move on to the theme of your wedding. Are you aiming for more of a boho-chic theme or prefer more glam? That’s the beauty of a vineyard venue; you can make your vision a reality based on the decor you choose and the overall vibe you seek. 

For example, vineyard weddings often suit a vintage or rustic setting. Think wooden farm tables, elegant glassware, classy garlands, and wine barrels, of course. 

What to Wear

There are no rules here, and that’s the best part about it. You have the freedom to wear what makes you feel like the guest of honor. Many couples are moving away from traditional attire. Some opt for whimsical lace dresses, complete with cowboy boots and an elegant flower crown. This look is romantic yet laid-back. Others prefer a more classic, glamorous approach. The key is to wear what makes you feel your best, tying what you wear into the overall theme of your wedding.

One option is to dress up for the ceremony, then dress down slightly for the reception. You may prefer a long-train dress and heels for your wedding photos but are happy to change into a flowing, knee-length dress with flats for the evening. A wine-inspired color scheme can be so beautiful and enchanting. Deep reds, mauves, burgundies, and all the shades of a good rosé all go perfectly with white or cream. You can also incorporate this color scheme into your flower arrangement and decor. 

Food and Wine

One of the major advantages of getting married at a winery is the selection of on-site wine varieties. 

Wine tastings make for a memorable reception experience. This is the time to explore the wonderful world of wine and food pairings. Each wine will pair well with different foods, so have fun with this! 

Some brides and grooms like the idea of many small plates that are paired with various wines throughout the evening. Others want to sit at one long table and serve up rustic, elegant dishes family-style. Wine suggestions can be made based on the menu, adding to the overall vineyard wedding experience. 

Here are some examples to spark some inspiration:

Speaking of wine, talk to the winery about party favors. Would they be willing to offer bulk pricing based on you buying a set number of bottles? Do they offer half-bottles for special events? Is the creation of custom labels possible? Work with the venue to see what is possible. If wine for part favors isn’t in your budget, opt for something related to the vineyard wedding experience. Think bottle stoppers, custom-made wine glasses, or personalized corkscrews. 

Sweet Oaks Winery Is Here to Help You Bring Your Vision to Life

At Sweet Oaks, we take immense pride in the wines we craft. However, that is only part of what we offer. 

We started Sweet Oaks to create an experience that people would never forget, so naturally, we opened our doors to love birds from near and far. With 40-acres of lush land, there is a breathtaking view around each bend — the perfect scenery for a stunning wedding. 

Learn more about what we offer at our winery in the Temecula Valley. 

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