Pillow Forts and Pinot: The Ultimate Wine-Filled Stay-In Day Guide

While endless outdoor activities are enjoyable during the summer, sometimes the best memories are made indoors. Whether ducking the sweltering sun or simply needing a little relaxation, any day can be transformed into a magical one. Plan ahead and consider these fun activities to create the ultimate wine-filled, stay-in day:

Cozy Indoor Camping

If you love the cozy feeling of being in a tent but want to avoid the bugs and heat, pair your favorite wine with an indoor camping adventure. You can bring your smallest tent inside and pitch it in the living room or build one out of couch cushions and pillows. This “pillow fort” can double as a reading nook throughout the day. Of course, you can enjoy any wine while you kick back and relax, but you can’t go wrong with a glass of crisp Sweet Oaks Pinot Grigio on a summer day. 

Add a sweet element to your fort adventure with s’mores for dessert. Try your favorite sparkling wine or an oaked Chardonnay for a wine to accompany the marshmallow and chocolate treat. The hints of vanilla are the ideal complementary flavor for the campground classic.

Cheese and Wine Pairing 

If you want to try new wines, use the stay-in day to experiment. Create a cheese board with all your favorite cheeses and crackers, and discover which wines pair best with these varieties. Some classic cheese and wine combinations include Champagne/Brie cheese, Cabernet Sauvignon/aged cheddar, and Pinot Noir with Camembert (or Brie). 

For those who aren’t into cheese, consider pairing wine with your favorite fruits, chocolates, or vegetables. 

Boozy Gaming

Nothing feels quite as nostalgic as breaking out a series of board games while spending a day indoors. But, while the classics may leave you reminiscing about the rainy days of your childhood, you can amp up the excitement by adding wine. Some games are designed to include alcohol, like Wine-Opoly, but it’s easy to add a twist to any game. We recommend the spicy Sweet Oaks Syrah Blend (60% Syrah and 40% Zinfandel) or your favorite white wine.

Red Wine and Online Shopping

Is anything more relaxing than kicking back on the couch and doing a little online shopping? Without the lines or pushy salespeople, you can enjoy browsing what your favorite stores have to offer. The “treat yourself” vibe pairs well with our Zinfandel

Movies and Wine Sipping

Recreate and perfect the theater experience in the comfort of your own home. Start by getting your favorite snacks, whether it’s buttery popcorn, nachos, or candy. Pinot Noir works well with buttery popcorn and chocolate. If you opt for nachos, you may be better off with a Zinfandel. Then, kick back and enjoy your favorite movies. 

Cooking With Wine

There’s nothing better than a delicious meal and a glass of wine for wine lovers. For this activity, you can use recipes with wine or pair a wine with your dinner. In addition, spending the day indoors gives you time to hone your cooking skills. The best recipes include classics like Beef Bourguignon, Chicken Piccata, and BBQ sauce. 

If you already have a meal idea in mind that doesn’t use wine, you can focus on pairing the perfect glass with the dish instead. For example, lamb tends to go well with a rich Syrah blend, while Pinot Grigio is an ideal match for fish. Despite the typically recommended meat and wine pairings, it’s equally important to consider any sauces or marinades you will be using. For instance, spaghetti and meatballs are phenomenal with a Pinot Noir, while curried chicken works well with a Viognier.

Champagne and Dancing

Date nights spent out on the town are exciting, but they can be expensive and don’t allow for much alone time. So instead of hitting a local dance venue, consider turning your home into one. Add candles, music, and treats like chocolate-covered strawberries to create your magical evening. Of course, we recommend serving Champagne for a romantic celebration, but if you’re looking for an alternative, consider a Grenache like Sol De Luz – Love Language

Explore Your Favorite Sweet Oaks Wines

There’s a lot of pressure to be active and spend time outdoors in the summer. However, taking a step back and spending a day relaxing and enjoying wine can be rejuvenating for your body and your mind. Whichever indoor activities you pair with wine, don’t be afraid to explore and experiment with new flavors and styles. 

Those who enjoy wine often get stuck in a rut and limit themselves to one variety. Avoid this by browsing the Redneck Vineyards Collection or trying the Flight Club Threesome, which includes three different wines to incorporate into your ultimate wine-filled, stay-in day.

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