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Wine Tech for Today’s Wine Lover

A great bottle of wine is a thing of beauty. With a wondrous blend of the fruits of nature and the skill of the winemaker, well-made wines stimulate the senses and feed the soul. But why stop at perfection? There are plenty of wizard gizmos out there that the dedicated wine lover can use to enhance their Sweet Oaks wine-drinking experience. From wine gadgets that keep your wine fresher for longer to wine accessories that add even more fun to your wine drinking experience, there is a gadget out there to suit even the most seasoned drinker.

Wine Gadgets for the Home

Coravin Wine Preservation System

Truly the Rolls Royce of wine preservation methods. The various Coravin systems reseal your wine bottle and inject the bottle with argon gas to replace any damaging oxygen that would otherwise gradually spoil the wine. The system is so effective that it can theoretically protect an open bottle of wine for months or even years, perfect for that special bottle that you want to savor!

Wine Pouring Disc

These cost-effective, flexible discs are inserted into the neck of your wine bottle and give you the perfect no-drip pour every time. Super simple but brilliantly effective — like all of the very best ideas.

Wine Thermometer

There are some very clever thermometers on the market now. They wrap around the base of your wine bottle and monitor its temperature not only when you open it but as you drink it too. This ensures every glass is at the absolute perfect temperature to serve. All the information needed for that optimal serving temperature will be right there at your fingertips.


These gadgets are fantastic for adding a little lift to your red wines. Aerating a wine just before you serve adds a shot of oxygen, which helps the wine to open up. This results in delivering bigger flavors, more aroma, and smoother tannins. However, with this one, we will be honest, you do not need to buy a special piece of kit.

Wine Away Stain Remover

We have all learned the hard way that white wine doesn’t really take red wine out of your beautiful cream carpet. Protect your home from accidental spills with a wine stain remover that does the job correctly and is specially formulated for the job.

Wine Glass Holder

What do you get for the person who has everything? An in-shower wine glass holder of course! The only thing more decadent than enjoying a cheeky glass of bubbly in the shower is a tasty beverage in the bath, so an alternative gadget might be an extendable bath tray, where you can place all of your essentials – wine glass, book, scented candle. Sheer bliss! 

Wine Accessories for Dining Al Fresco

Wine Tote Bag

As well as keeping your vino safe from accidental damage, a wine tote bag is great as it is insulated and will help keep your wine at the perfect temperature for serving. 

Corcicle Wine Chiller Stick

Perfect for when you are outdoors, this chiller stick sits in the open bottle and helps to maintain an ambient temperature. This can be as useful for bottles of red wine on hot days as it can be for a white wine that needs to keep a light chill. You just need to keep it in the freezer for 90 minutes before use. Our advice is to take it out of the freezer and put it in the cooler with your sandwiches and steaks when you leave home.

Avina Wine Stopper

There are so many wine stoppers on the market that promise so much and deliver so little, but the Avina is the best we’ve found. Keep your bubbly overnight (or just over the evening), but best of all, the seal is so good that it allows you to transport open wine bottles easily or even horizontally in your bag without fear of spills. Great for bringing that last glass home from the picnic to take the party home.

Enhancing Your Wine Experience

There you have it. Wine technology can be extremely serious and expensive, or it can be a bit of fun. Make sure you surround yourself only with gizmos that enhance and simplify your wine experience. At the end of the day, wine exists solely to be enjoyed, so let your hair down and have fun with it. Whatever gadget you decide to buy, make sure you use it with our wines for the very best results! Try Sweet Oaks wine by ordering through our online shop today.

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