7 Must-Have Wine Travel Accessories

If you are a traveler who loves your wine, then certain accessories make it easier to enjoy while away or bring home when you purchase bottles while on the road. With wine tourism on the upswing, there is a sizable market for travel accessories tailored to the wine lover. Consider seven must-have travel wine accessories. 

1. A Wine Suitcase or Bag

It seems too good to be true, but there are suitcases made to transport your wine to and from home. The goal is to have something uniquely made for the safe transport of wine bottles. 

A good wine case will carry up to 12 bottles of wine. It might be versatile enough to use for those trips where you are not carrying wine bottles, too. Many come with extendable handles and wheels for easy transport. 

Wine suitcases typically contain high-density foam inserts with cut-outs in the shape of a standard wine bottle. A practical choice would also offer inserts for long neck and short neck bottles. 

If a whole suitcase seems like a little much for your needs, you can also get wine travel bags that carry up to three bottles. Ideally, this would be a leather bag with a convenient strap, so it is easy to carry. 

Inside, there are segmented sections for each bottle you want to carry. The segments keep the bottles from hitting one another and potentially breaking. 

Both the wine suitcase and bag may have additional pockets for accessories such as a vacuum wine stopper or a corkscrew. If you are planning to take your bag or case on an airplane, be sure the check with the airline to find out what restrictions they may have for those carrying wine. 

2. Travel Wine Glasses

A wine connoisseur won’t drink out of just anything. After all, having the right wine glass can make or break a wine-tasting experience. Obviously, the traditional glass will not be an option for most people going on the road, though. 

A travel wine glass is traditionally made of stainless steel and shaped like a handleless glass. Many come with what looks like a sippy cup lid. If applicable, the double-wall stainless steel provides vacuum insulation to help keep your wine cold. The flat bottom and top keep it from spilling and clean while you travel. 

3. Wine Tasting Journal

A wine tasting journal is the ultimate gift for the wine tourist. They come in a variety of styles. Some have blanked lined pages to allow the traveler to create their format for their notes. Others have prompts to guide your entry, such as a section for tasting notes like the wine’s look, taste, and smell. You can even store labels you collect while out and about in the journal. 

4. Wine Bottle Label Remover

If you do plan to collect wine bottle labels, though, you’ll want a label lifter to remove them cleanly and easily. The right label lifter will remove the label in one piece and without you having to soak the bottle. The labels make a great addition to your wine tasting journal or can serve as a record for your trip. 

5. Travel Wine Preservation Options

That’s a fancy name for something that allows you to safely store your wine while you travel without worrying about the glass bottle or loose cork. These travel accessories are essentially wine decanters but with secure vacuum lids to keep your wine safe. 

If you want to keep the wine in the glass but don’t want to mess with removing the cork, you might consider a travel wine opener. These come in many different formats, but the best ones pierce the cork with a hollow needle that allows you to pour some of the wine out when you want. The vacuum lid will preserve the wine and keep it from spilling. When you remove the opener, the natural cork will close, preserving the wine. 

If you worry about the cork closing, you can also get wine stoppers that stay on the bottle to replace the cork. The design ensures the wine will not spill out while you travel. The vacuum seal keeps the wine protected from the air, as well. 

6. TSA Approved Corkscrews

One of the biggest challenges for wine tourists who are flying to their destination is the opener. If you take a traditional corkscrew, you can expect it to be taken from you by the airport TSA agents. 

There are TSA-approved wine corkscrews available that are usually safe to take on a plane. They don’t have the standard foil cutter but instead foil cutting wheels. However, it is always wise to check with the airline before taking any opener to the airport—the rules regarding what you can take on a plane change regularly.

7. Wine Wipes

These are for the wine drinker worried about wine breath or stains as they travel. The wipes come in single packs and can brighten your smile without interfering with your sense of taste. This means you can use the wipes to clean your teeth between wine tastings, too. 

Now that you know what accessories you need for your next trip, how about finding the perfect wine to take with you? Check out the selection available at Sweet Oaks Wine today.

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