Chez Boujie 2019 Chardonnay (Crème De La Crème) – Tasting Notes and Pairings

The Chez Boujie 2019 is a chardonnay wine that is effortlessly enjoyable and simple to create. By taking one of the world’s most popular wine grapes, what is created is a superbly balanced wine delivering fantastic complexity, body, and flavor. Like all wines, the climate defines this particular Chardonnay flavor profile. Grown in wind-kissed valleys off the California coast, the cool Mediterranean climate brings stone fruit flavors to the fore, really making these grapes sing. Find out more about how this wine tastes and what Chardonnay pairings you might like to try below.


How Does Chez Boujie 2019 Chardonnay Taste?

An attractive shade of pale yellow, this wine has a distinctive light golden hue. Give your glass a whirl and put your nose to it. You will be treated to aromas of toasty new French oak and vanilla intertwining with ripe orchard peaches and sweet spice. This attractive layering of aromas speaks of the concrete tank fermentation, new French oak maturation as well as the process of malolactic fermentation, which converts the harsher malic acids in the wine into lactic acid and gives a rich, creamy feel to the finished wine.


On the palate, you can look forward to enjoying more of that yellow peach flavor. The Chez Boujie 2019 Chardonnay (Crème De La Crème) works nicely against the backdrop of creamy texture and vibrant acidity that ensures that the wine is zingy and not flabby. Enjoy those ripe stone fruit flavors alongside a hint of toast, vanilla and perhaps even cinnamon. The new French oak barrels and Chez Bougie’s maturation techniques add to the complexity of the wine, with just the right amount of time given to the maturation process to allow the fruit flavors to remain intact while also imparting the very best notes the oak offers. The finish is soft thanks to the relatively full body of the wine tempered by the freshness of its acidity. It lingers pleasantly on the tongue for quite some time.


Read on to find out more about cannot miss out, ideal Chardonnay pairings that match the complex body and flavor compounds of this interesting wine with suitable foods.


Matching Oaked White Wines With Food

The secret of good food pairing is to select a wine that complements a particular element of your dish. For example, the buttery notes that this wine has will work well with the rich sweetness of lobster in much the same way that you might add butter to a lobster dish during cooking. In fact, this Chardonnay is a great friend of all rich white fish and similarly fatty, buttery seafoods. Think meaty, flaky white fish, scallops, crab, or oysters. With a little bit of the seasoning that the Chez Boujie 2019 Chardonnay (Crème De La Crème) can bring to them, these dishes will transcend a mere dish and become a delightfully paired duo. Why not play with that butteriness even further and pair your Chardonnay with a good film and a bucket of buttery popcorn? It’s a surprising approach to wine tasting that is sure to win friends and influence people.


As you can tell, this wine is a great accompaniment for richer, fattier dishes as well as dairy flavors and textures. Heavy cream sauces on dishes, or even a Parmesan cheese-laden, thick polenta, are all going to make a good pairing with this Chardonnay. Why not try this recipe for tarragon chicken? The poultry, along with the cream sauce, is already a natural partner for this wine, matched only in flavor by the tarragon added to the dish. This dish will bring out the wonderful stone fruit flavors of the wine, too, while the acidity in the wine should be enough to temper the decadent sauce as well. For a heady textural hit, throw a handful of chopped hazelnuts on top of the dish at the end of the cooking time–they are also a perfect pairing for the wine in question.


For a quicker treat, try adding a little Gruyere or Camembert to the table. A simple cheese board is always a fantastic option for creating an easy but effective wine pairing, and this wine is no exception. It is a wonderful companion to the denser, creamier cheeses, but that need not be its only role– it can also hold up well against traditional harder cheeses, like a Jarlsberg or the wonderful Danish Havarti cheese. Check out the available wines from Sweet Oaks on our website, and if you’re interested in giving us a visit, check out our exclusive online tasting events.


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