Sweet Oaks 2018 Chardonnay – Tasting Notes and Pairings

Discover the golden apple and spice notes of this carefully oak-matured Sweet Oaks 2016 chardonnay and fall into a plethora of ideal chardonnay pairings.

That rich, golden hue with notes of apple, spice, and French oak rising from the glass can mean only one thing — careful aging has added some delicious complexity to your chardonnay.

Time is an important element of winemaking that is often underappreciated, but even the most casual wine lover can enjoy a unique taste experience. Learn how careful maturation creates interest and complexity in Sweet Oaks 2018 Chardonnay, and discover food items and dishes that make some delectable chardonnay pairings.


What to expect: tasting notes

Sit back and enjoy the rich golden hue of this wine. It’s a clue to the flavor profile you are about to enjoy. Golden apple notes and the scent of toasty, new French oak fill the nose and are easily detected by experienced oenophiles and beginners alike. You might also discern elements of baking spices and white blossoms lurking behind those bold aromas, adding further complexity. This is a well-developed chardonnay with excellent structure.

Give the glass a swirl and take a draught. You’ll find that the light to medium body lends a creamy, full mouthfeel that’s balanced by an element of bright acidity that helps maintain an overall equilibrium.

Those baked apple flavors predominate, with beautifully delicate suggestions of May blossom, vanilla, and cinnamon, creating an indulgent and almost decadent wine that’s as delicious to drink on its own as it is to use for creative chardonnay pairings. The wine finishes decidedly dry with those ripe apple fruit qualities lingering for a long time.

The real strength of chardonnay as a grape varietal is its versatility. Gently aging a chardonnay wine creates a simply unique flavor profile with interesting texture and a light but layered wine-drinking experience that will keep you coming back for more. This flexible nature also extends to how straightforward these chardonnay pairings can be.


How to enjoy it: chardonnay pairings

If you’re unsure about the best foods to create delicious chardonnay pairings, let us be of service. We are completely in love with the range of food items that go well with this flexible wine.

You might like to choose foods that emphasize the toasted notes which arise from the maturation time spent in new French oak. This might include toasted nuts (even a handful of toasted pine nuts sprinkled over a salad would be enough for a guest to make the connection) or a pastry dish paired with a glass of lightly chilled wine. A homemade sweet pie with a biscuit crunch will match well with the rich, toasted creaminess.

The baked apple element gives this chardonnay an illusion of sweetness that will pair nicely with foods with a hint of caramelization, like roasted or baked vegetables, squash, or crispy-skinned roast chicken.

This is also a superb choice of wine to pair with roasted meats at celebratory meals like Thanksgiving dinner. Why not try this easy recipe for charred corn with bacon and cream and impress guests at your next dinner with a tasty side dish that will truly compliment this Sweet Oaks 2018 Chardonnay?

Another excellent possibility for chardonnay pairings is to pull out that rich creaminess by matching the wine with dishes like indulgent smoked salmon with some kind of cream cheese element. These might be simple canapés for nibbles, with the salmon served simply alongside a dollop of cream cheese on a delicate blini.

Or you might want to construct something a little more complex and make a fantastic starter for dinner on a summer’s evening. We love this recipe for smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber parcels which are quite easy to make but look truly impressive when served at the table. The French oak imparts a toasted flavor to the wine reminiscent of the smoke within the fish and creates a lovely parallel and balance.

Of course, you can always put out your wine with a platter of cheese and let your guests serve themselves. If this is your choice, avoid cheese with too much tang and acidity — a slice of fresh goat cheese, for example, will not complement the oaked wine well. On the other hand, rich, creamy cheeses will work perfectly. A gooey Camembert, a classic brie, a blue-veined creamy bleu cheese, or even a mature cheddar are all wonderful choices you can offer for everyone to enjoy. Add a selection of simple crackers — sesame seed crackers pair well with chardonnay — and you’ll be confident that whatever cheese guests choose, the pairing will work.


Learn more about the full range of wines produced by the experts at Sweet Oaks. And be sure to check out the available wines on our website, including our lightly matured chardonnays.


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