Foods to Pair with Chez Boujie 2019 (Crème De La Crème) 

If your plans for the weekend include sipping on a refreshing glass of Chardonnay, Sweet Oaks has a lightly oaked option for you — Chez Boujie 2019 Crème De La Crème. This California Chardonnay is made from green-skinned grapes grown in the rolling hills of Sweet Oaks Estates, located in the beautiful Temecula Valley.

As with every bottle of Chardonnay, the flavor is highly influenced by the local region where the grapes grow. If you ever visit our winery and view the stunning hills surrounding it while breathing in the fresh air, you’ll be glad we were essentially able to bottle that local flavor in all our wines!

So, now that you know what to drink, what will you be eating while you enjoy a glass of Chez Boujie 2019 Crème De La Crème? Here are some ideas of what pairs best with this Chardonnay.

The Tasting Notes for Chez Boujie Crème De La Crème Chardonnay

Before you pour that first glass, you should know what kind of flavors to expect from this delicious Chardonnay. Knowing the tasting notes will only serve to build your anticipation as you prepare to open your bottle of Chez Boujie Crème De La Crème.

First, you’ll notice that this wine is a pale yellow with a light golden hue. As you uncork the bottle, you’ll observe aromas of toasty new French oak and vanilla that meld nicely with ripe orchard peaches that have been sprinkled with vanilla and spice.

More of that yellow peach flavor works nicely with a backdrop of creamy texture and vibrant acidity on the palate. This wine was fermented in both concrete tanks and French oak barrels, and the two techniques add greatly to the complexity of the wine. The finish is soft and fresh, lingering for quite some time after every sip.

The Best Foods to Pair with Chez Boujie Crème De La Crème Chardonnay

As you prepare to settle in for a nice glass of this Chardonnay from Sweet Oaks, make sure you have the right flavors of food on hand. In general, this oaky wine pairs best with rich and buttery foods in flavor. Creamy and light foods that have minimal seasoning are also often the best compliment for Chardonnay. On the other hand, try to stay away from strongly seasoned, spicy, or acidic foods, as these flavors can make the wine taste somewhat sour.

Check out these suggestions when aiming to pair snacks or meals with Chez Boujie Crème De La Crème Chardonnay.

Cheese & Nuts

It seems like every wine pairs well with cheese, but what kinds? There are so many varieties of cheese, but they don’t all pair perfectly with the aroma and taste of oaky Chardonnay. For this wine, the rule of thumb is to choose cheeses that are similar in color to your beverage, as a pale yellow wine works best with lighter colored cheeses.

This means goat cheese is a good pairing for this wine. Soft white cheeses like Camembert, Brie, and blue cheese are also good options to pair with Chardonnay. So try to stick with light in color cheeses—and avoid aged cheeses, such as aged cheddar, as these tend to go better with red wine.

Nuts are another good snack to try with cheese. Some of the best nuts to pair with this wine include almonds and hazelnuts, as they complement the toasty, lightly fruity flavors in Chez Boujie Crème De La Crème Chardonnay. You can add these nuts to a charcuterie board with cheese and other snacks or just have a handful of them to set off the flavors of the wine.


You might already know white wine usually pairs well with seafood. But this wine, in particular, goes great with light seafood options that are a bit rich in flavor. One example is grilled, or roasted salmon, preferably with a cream sauce like you’ll see in this pan-seared salmon recipe.

Flaky white fish—such as halibut—also pairs well with Chardonnay. Try a brown butter sauce on the halibut, like in this recipe. But it’s not just fish that pairs well with wine. You can also pair shrimp, lobster, and crab with Chez Boujie Crème De La Crème Chardonnay.


You may have also noticed that Chardonnay and chicken go well together. But how should you prepare the chicken, and what should you season it with for best results as you sip Chez Boujie Crème De La Crème Chardonnay?

This wine goes best with white meat, while darker meat pairs better with red wines. Additionally, just as with seafood, chicken with butter or a cream-based sauce goes well with Chardonnay. A good example is Chicken in a White Wine Lemon Butter Sauce. In general, you’ll want to avoid fried chicken, dark meat, tomato-based sauces, and sweet sauces when you’re sipping on Chardonnay and planning on chicken for dinner.

Pork and Veal

If you want to branch out from seafood and chicken but still want something to complement your Chardonnay, there are other options. Veal and pork both often pair well with this wine.

For example, if you have breaded veal cutlets, a light, somewhat acidic wine, like Chardonnay, can offset the heaviness of this meal. A simply-seasoned pork loin can have the same effect.

You can read our blog for more ideas on what to pair with Chez Boujie Crème De La Crème Chardonnay. Then browse our wines to find more options to try!

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