Sweet Oaks 2019 “Brosé” Grenache – Tasting Notes and Pairings

Among the more recent offerings from Sweet Oaks comes this 2019 “Brosé,” a Grenache rosé wine to bring back memories of summers past.


Tasting Notes

The wine’s color is reminiscent of salmon or pink grapefruit: medium pink with a small touch of orange. Pour a glass, and that first smell will remind you of fresh strawberries mixed with the aroma of dried orange peel. The bright, sweet, fruity aroma quickly gives way to confectioner’s sugar once it touches the palate. The fresh berry and citrus flavors of this wine return with a kind of acidity that makes your mouth water. These flavors give way to a crisp, spicy finish with a somewhat savory element. Overall, this wine is more dry than sweet but doesn’t skimp on the flavor. It’s a perfect complement to warm, summery flavors when you aren’t quite ready for fall to arrive.


Are you thirsty yet?


This is a wine for remembering summers past, reminding the drinker of warm weather and bright sunshine. The fruity flavors and tart, spicy finish of this Grenache pair well with foods from warmer climates such as Latin America, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian subcontinent. It calls for bold dishes that won’t be drowned out by the flavor of this wine. Nightshades such as tomato and eggplant, along with aromatic flavors like garlic and ginger hold up well to this “Brosé.” Grilled foods such as chicken, sausage, and seafood are also worthy pairing options.


This Grenache rosé is best served at 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, or seven to 13 degrees C.


Sweet Oaks 2019 Grenache “Brosé” Food Pairings

What’s a good wine without good food to go with it? This Grenache rosé comes with several options for food pairings. Try them all at once at a dinner party with close friends and family.



When it comes to cheese pairings, take care not to let your cheese overpower the flavor of the wine. Young, semi-firm cheeses complement the “Brosé” best, such as young cheddar or baby Swiss. Colby, goat gouda and burrata are also promising choices. A creamy brie, baked with savory elements such as pesto and sun-dried tomato, also works as a bold and delicious pairing.


Some wine drinkers however are still wanting to stay in basking in the summertime sun. For an option without much cooking, especially desirable for wine drinkers in warmer climates, a simple caprese salad with burrata cheese and heirloom tomatoes also works well. Be sure to use quality ingredients to stand up to this wine.



For a delicious dinner pairing that complements this Grenache, think warm thoughts. Foods from warm climates pair exceptionally well and don’t be afraid to add spice to your warm weather dishes!


A simple dinner dish of couscous with preserved lemons, hot peppers, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and grilled sausage holds up well against this wine. Spicy chicken tacos inspired by Mexican cuisine are another worthy pairing option. Alternatively, you can try this quinoa salad option for a harmonious wine and food pairing that doesn’t call for a hot oven or a grill.



As this Grenache is on the dry side, it’s best not to pair it with overly sweet desserts. Call back to the flavor notes of the wine and go for berry and citrus flavors. Orange and strawberry notes are especially compatible. That being said, don’t be afraid to use bold flavors in your dessert.


A chocolate molten lava cake with a spicy Mexican chocolate center could work well standing up to this wine, especially with a hint of orange peel to tie it all together. Similarly, a New York-style cheesecake holds up well against this style of wine. Be sure to top it all off with a fresh berry coulis accented with fresh orange and a touch of powdered confectioner’s sugar.


Storing Your Grenache Rosé

It’s highly unlikely that you will have any of this Grenache left over to store. But if you do, remember some simple rules for storing quality wine. Keep the wine refrigerated. Since this wine is best served somewhat chilled, you won’t have to keep it out for long before serving it again. 


When storing the wine, don’t keep it on its side. Keep it upright to minimize the surface area contact with oxygen.


Invest in a wine storage system such as a pump and vacuum or inert gas. This will limit your wine’s exposure to oxygen and ensure that your next sip of Grenache Brosé is as good as the first.


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